What factors will cause the focus position error in laser cutting?

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What factors will cause the focus position error in laser cutting?

1. Errors caused by the workpiece clamping device: the workpieces processed by Laser Cutting Machines are placed on the needle-shaped table. Due to processing errors, wear between the workpiece and the laser for a long time, and the laser burns, the needle bed will be uneven. Unevenness also produces random errors in the position between the thin steel plate and the laser focus.


2. Geometric error of the workpiece: the object of CNC Fiber laser cutting is a plate or cover-type part. Due to the uneven surface of the processed object, the thermal effect generated during the cutting process will also cause the surface deformation of the thin plate part. All of these will produce a random change in the position of the laser focus and the surface of the object to be processed and the ideal position.

3. Errors caused by programming: In the process of laser cutting, the processing trajectories on complex curved surfaces are fitted by straight lines, arcs, etc. These fitting curves and actual curves have certain errors. These errors make the actual focus and the processing object The relative position of the surface and the ideal programmed position produce a certain error.

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