What function does the hydraulic bending die have?

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What function does the hydraulic bending die have?

What function does the hydraulic bending die have?

As we all know, stamping die can only be used in single die punching/pressing machine, and hydraulic bending machine can only use bending die for sheet length bending processing, if we can effectively combine the length processing of bending machine with the single processing of stamping die; For some products that are pressed on line (such as profiles), this means a multifold increase in production efficiency; A substantial improvement in product quality; A dramatic reduction in labor intensity. To reduce the cost of production has an immeasurable impact.

40T press 05

For online processing products, most of them are based on punching, hydraulic bending machine pricing, if we can make the working mode of the bending machine and punch similar to good; That is to make the bending machine under the die table can be placed, fixed stamping die table, and as long as the die waste discharged to the side of the back row (lower discharge material because of the existence of the machine tool under the front riser plate, more difficult.) . The bending machine die is changed to inverted "T" type press plate, and then the appropriate tonnage of the machine tool, the opening height of the slide block and the length of the machine tool are selected. In theory the scheme is feasible.

The scheme shall make necessary adjustments to related factors such as hydraulic bending machine and mold:

1. Machine tool adjustment.

2. The bending machine removes the upper and lower die and the rear baffle device. To reduce the cost of machine tools.

3, bending machine to make another slider "T" mold plate, and inverted leveling. Main function: press the upper die, but must press to the upper die die stamping.

4, the bending machine to remove the lower die table, and another widening, grinding "U" type with a "T" type slot table. The main function of the "U" table is to limit the movement of the mold, and make the mold slide along the length of the table. "T" slot for fixing mold.

5. Both ends of the bending machine table are made of an adjustable stroke block. The adjustable stroke block can limit the working stroke of the die and protect the die.

6. Adjust the travel switch and time relay of the bending machine to the appropriate position. The stroke of the bending machine shall be slightly greater than or equal to the stroke of the adjustable stroke stop block, and the time relay shall be lowered (generally less than 1s) to improve the working frequency and obtain the corresponding working pressure.

What failures may occur in the hydraulic system of the bending machine

40T press 4

We all know that there may be some failures in the use of the bending machine, so Xiaobian today will take you to understand what specific failures will occur. To sum up: the valve can not reverse or reverse action is slow, leakage, electromagnetic pilot valve failure. ?

(1) The reversing valve can not be reversed or the reversing action is slow, generally due to poor lubrication, spring is stuck or damaged, oil or impurities stuck sliding part and other reasons. To this end, should first check the oil mist work is normal; Whether the viscosity of the lubricating oil is appropriate. If necessary, replace the lubricating oil, clean the sliding part of the reversing valve, or replace the spring and reversing valve. ?

electrical box

(2) After a long time of use, the reversing valve is easy to appear spool seal ring wear, stem and seat damage, resulting in valve leakage, slow valve action or normal reversing and other failures. At this time, the hydraulic bending machine, should replace the sealing ring, stem and seat, or will change the reversing valve. ??

(3) If the inlet and outlet of the solenoid pilot valve are blocked by mud and other debris, the closure is not strict, the movable iron core is stuck, the circuit is faulty, etc., can lead to the reversing valve can not be normally reversed. The first 3 cases should be cleaned pilot valve and movable core on the mud and impurities. The circuit fault is generally divided into control circuit fault and electromagnetic coil fault two categories. Before checking the circuit fault, the manual knob of the reversing valve should be turned several times to see whether the reversing valve can reverse normally under the rated pressure. If it can reverse normally, the circuit is faulty. Check, available instrumentation to measure the voltage of the electromagnetic coil, see whether it has reached the rated voltage, if the voltage is too low, should further check the control circuit in the power supply and associated travel switch circuit. If the reversing valve can not be reversed normally under the rated voltage, it should check whether the electromagnetic coil connector (plug) is loose or the contact is not solid. The method is to unplug and measure the resistance value of the coil. If the resistance value is too large or too small, it indicates that the electromagnetic coil is damaged and should be replaced.

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