What is a continuous fiber laser welding machine

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What is a continuous fiber laser welding machine

Through continuous laser welding machine, water pump impeller welding machine, welding, can penetrate the 5 mm large lithium battery shell laser welding machine, solar stent laser welding machine, laser welding machine, power battery, can be welding any space trajectory, power battery for large cars, industrial batteries, battery shell, such as laser welding transformer substation, the material such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel welding effect is better.

Continuous cladding machine for 1000 W fiber laser

Model features:

1. The ratio of

2. Large one-time investment (800,000 ~ 3.5 million yuan according to different configurations)

3. The advantage is that the photoelectric conversion efficiency is up to 35%, and the electricity charge is very low (the same power is 90% lower).

4. Beam quality, no consumables; Maintenance free.

5. Welding effect, welding without porosity and sand hole.

6. 10 times faster than pulse machine welding speed, currently the world's laser welding machine.

7. Continuous working life of more than 100,000 hours. (Called the king of industrial welding)

Introduction of pure fiber laser welding machine:

Fiber laser is refers to the element with rare earth doped glass fiber as gain medium laser, fiber laser can be developed on the basis of the optical fiber amplifier: within the optical fiber under the action of the pump are high power density, causing the laser work material laser level "population inversion", as appropriate to join the positive feedback loop (a cavity) can form a laser oscillation output.

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Advantages of pure fiber laser welding machine:

1. Further scientific research can increase the thermal load of optical fibers without any effects of thermal attenuation or photoabsorption and stimulated Raman scattering (SRS), which were previously considered as limiting factors for fiber lasers, but are now only applicable to high average power lasers.

2. As a pump source, single-emitter pumping diodes have more reliable advantages than using SEMICONDUCTOR diode bars and semiconductor diode stacks. Pumped diodes typically have a life of more than 100,000 hours and do not need to be replaced throughout the life of the laser processing system. High - intensity burn-in tests further improve reliability.

3. Increasing diode pump power and improving pump efficiency leads to higher average power.

4. By their very nature, optical fibers are largely self-cooling, thus reducing thermal lensing and simplifying laser design. These benign thermal factors mean that the cooling requirements are not as severe as those of other laser designs pumped by DIODE bars and diode stacks.

5, a variety of optical fiber diameter optional and plug and play optical fiber can be various types of spatial energy distribution; Small single-mode Gaussian fibers are used for cutting and drilling, while larger multi-mode fibers are used for welding or surface treatment. A cw single-mode fiber laser equipped with an optical fiber with a diameter of say 50 microns can be easily changed from a cutting laser to a welding laser by simply changing the focusing optical element at the end.

Fiber optic adapters capable of transmitting power up to 25 kW have been obtained. Some fiber laser power beam switches developed can be used for fiber-to-fiber connections up to 6 channels with switching time less than 10 milliseconds. A visible red alignment beam can be provided for each channel.

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