What is the development trend of best quality press brake?

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What is the development trend of best quality press brake?

With the continuous development of CNC system, manufacturers for machine tool equipment automation degree is also more and more high. Modern production mode has put forward higher requirements for production equipment. In the past, when the bending machine is used for multi-channel bending processing of tools, it must be used for multi-channel bending of the whole batch of workpiece at the same time, which requires continuous up and down refueling work, and the production efficiency is very low. And controlled by CNC system, block material and stroke can be accurately controlled, can continuous to multi-channel bending of batches of workpiece, and can guarantee with batch of products has a very high forming precision, at the same time, still can make with the batch of products produced with high identity, can greatly improve production efficiency, good prospects for development.


Best quality press brake is the nature of the thin plate bending CNC bending machine mold, the mold is composed of a bracket, a workbench and a clamping plate, by electing the coil to produce the attraction of the pressure plate, so as to complete the clamping plate between the plate and the base. Because the electromagnetic force clamping method is used, the pressure plate is made according to the specific requirements of the workpiece, the operation is simple, and the workpiece with side wall can be processed.

At present, China's bending machine manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Anhui Province, Ma 'anshan Bo Wang District. Most of the bending machines in China are from here, saying that "everywhere is factory" is not too much, the main industry in this area is sheet metal machine tools that is bending machine, shearing machine and all kinds of machine blade and bending machine mold. Since the establishment of Bowang District, it has successively won five "National title" : National industrial base of shear folding machine and blade mold characteristics, the shear folding machine tool industry well-known brand demonstration area, national torch high-end CNC machine tools and blade mold base, national supervision and inspection center, national export machine tool machine tool series product quality and safety demonstration zone, based on national industrial products, sold to more than 120 countries and regions in the world. The five "national brands" lead industrial enterprises in Bowang District to innovation-driven, transformation and upgrading, and accelerate their development, and stride forward from "Bowang Manufacturing" to a higher goal of "Bowang Intelligent Manufacturing".


As one of the main products of Bo Wang area, CNC bending machine has also been vigorously developed. Numerical control bending machine has different models, the common type is G, F, WC67K and so on. Plastic plate CNC bending machine is developed according to the principle of plastic plate heating and melting welding, it is suitable for all thermoplastic materials folding Angle. CNC plastic plate bending machine mold, has the following characteristics: Bending directly, no need to joining together, without slot, don't need a electrode, the Angle of the appearance it hold water, at the same time, processing speed, Angle processing surface appearance, high strength, it will be hand soldered into a fully automatic machine operation, improve the quality, improve the work efficiency, reduce the labor cost, shorten the production cycle of products.

Maanshan Durmapress new design of electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC bending machine

Today's NUMERICAL control bending machine, in numerical control system, CAD and CAPP application and flexibility are rapid development, numerical control bending machine in modern sheet metal parts forming processing has an extremely important role and unlimited development prospects. In the face of the new situation of the machine tool industry in 2018, I believe that CNC bending machine will get better development, better for manufacturers to improve production efficiency, promote the progress of the machine tool industry.

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