What is the use of hand held fiber laser cleaning machine?

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What is the use of hand held fiber laser cleaning machine?

In many industrial equipment, cleaning is necessary, to be able to better maintenance for these equipment, but the traditional cleaning chemical and mechanical methods mostly are washed, tend to leave all kinds of chemical residues, which will have certain damage to equipment, so people are also considering a better way of cleaning, hand held fiber laser cleaning machine is very good, Its cleaning without grinding, non-contact, not only the cleaning effect is good, but also will not have damage to the cleaning product, so it has been recognized by people.

When the surface of the workpiece is stained with sub-micron environmental pollution particles, the particles are usually too tight to be removed by basic cleaning methods, and it is very reasonable to clean the surface of the workpiece with the laser radiation source of nanotechnology. Also because the laser is non-contact cleaning of the product workpiece, the high precision product workpiece or its careful position cleaning is very safe, can ensure its precision, so the laser rust removal has unique advantages in the field of cleaning.

What are the main uses of laser cleaning machine


Laser cleaning function cleaning raw materials have a lot of, the use of the industry is also very common, it can be used to metal materials or laminated glass surface coating layer removal, quickly in addition to the paint, not only can all remove, and can also step by step to clean the surface paint film; Rapid anti-rust treatment of metal surface, and various metal oxides; Remove vegetable oil, epoxy resin, glue, smoke, dirt, production and manufacturing sediment; Metal surface is not smooth; Auto parts anti-rust treatment before welding, remove oil stains, and metal oxide, pigment spot cleaning after welding; Mold cleaning, such as tire mold, electronic device mold shell, food mold shell; Oil stains removed after production and manufacturing of high-precision components; Deep cleaning of nuclear power plant component maintenance; Aerospace weapons, ships manufacturing or maintenance in the whole process of metal oxide solution, paint removal, rust prevention treatment; Narrow interior space metal surface cleaning; Precious cultural relic cleaning, rock cleaning, building surface cleaning.

Laser cleaning machine this product a lot of people don't know about it, for its action also know nothing, now look at the introduction of the above you should have the use of it not strange, now can use laser cleaning machine cleaning many objects, including the corrosion of metals, metal particles, dust, etc., and the industry's technology more mature, has been widely used in all walks of life, And it plays an important role in many fields, so that people can use it safely.

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The composition of laser cleaning machine and the cause of failure

1, the heart of the laser cleaning machine is a high pressure pump, in an irreplaceable part. The plunger pump is generally described as moving the piston forward and backward. Pistons are generally made of ceramic, piston pumps are common, more reasonable, longer life, not easy to damage. The plunger pump seal is installed on the plunger pump, through the fixed seal, through the smooth cylinder wall, the plunger pump generally has good initial use characteristics, but can not operate too high pressure and short life.

2, the capacity of the pump mainly depends on the speed of the pump, unlike the centrifugal pump that we can increase or decrease the flow, the pump must make the same amount of water into and out. Piston pump has a very stable water yield main parameters, no matter how much pressure and injection time out of the work flow maintenance will not change, so the management system is equipped with pressure relief valve such equipment, nozzle outlet blockage will lead to high pressure pump.

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3, most of the scientific research piston pump double or triple, when the piston movement backward development, water through the inlet valve drawn into the sealed cavity, when the piston work keep on moving forward, drive through the water inlet valve into the pump exit, sanlian pump because water can result in a more stable and became a super high pressure cleaning machine design scheme of the main way of commonality. High speed pumps can learn to cause less and less impact on the pressure of major losses, and the regulation of starting torque and its smaller. Double piston pumps have higher and more stringent requirements for system components and operators. Laser cleaning can directly lead to rapid damage, less and less intake, sometimes there is a lot of noise pollution and damage is likely to occur.

4, laser cleaning machine, 90% of the common problem of average people is not due to pump, pump the water flow capacity is the most important cause of pump for common faults early work, general common failures because of the damage of building materials or components (such as nozzle seal), caused by the pressure pipe is not suitable for can not make sufficient water into the pump cavitation condition. Cavitation causes small explosive development in the gas environment mixed with water, resulting in overpressure damage and severe damage to the surface quality of the piston material.

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