What kind of stainless steel CNC bending machine is more suitable?

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What kind of stainless steel CNC bending machine is more suitable?

Stainless steel CNC bending machine tooling process for forging - tempered - commonly coarse milling - rough plane - heat treatment - coarse - fine grinding - demagnetization - test - test - packaging warehousing.

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CNC bending machine die material generally use T8 or T10, and better 42CrMo, Cr12mov material, it requires mainly high strength, high toughness and good wear resistance, choose cold die steel. 42CrMo is mainly used to do CNC bending machine mold. The practical performance can be satisfied, and the technological performance is good. The precision of the CNC bending machine we do is: the parallelism straightness of the upper die is 0.02mm, and the center allowance is less than 10 seconds; Lower die parallelism straightness 0.03mm, slot tolerance within 10 seconds.

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Another is mold design, from my design point of view,

1, in order to choose the appropriate bending machine die for CNC bending machine equipment, first of all for the type of bending machine to have a global grasp, the specific need to understand is the bending machine brand, size and actual tonnage and other factors. Familiar with these factors, in the selection of mold can be based on these data as a fact.

2, if the CNC bending machine due to the use of life is too long to lead to the brand is unclear so that you can not see, it is recommended to try to send samples of the CNC bending machine mold to the manufacturer to customize this specification.

3, if in production involves the use of CNC bending machine and die, the matching degree between the upper and lower die is usually higher. If the match is not in place, the workpiece produced by the bending process may not meet the quality specifications and requirements of production. In addition, special-shaped molding mold is our main target, you need to do molding mold according to the product to design the mold!

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