What kinds of common machine power press punching are there?

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What kinds of common machine power press punching are there?

20 ton power press machine price is a stamping press, stamping processing is to use the punch through the mold, can make blanking, punching, forming, deep drawing, dressing, fine blanking, shaping, riveting and extruding parts.In national production, stamping process because of the material saving and energy saving than the traditional mechanical processing, high efficiency, the operator's technical requirements are not high and through a variety of die applications can make mechanical processing can not achieve the product these advantages.

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Punch processing is widely used in various fields, such as the switch sockets we use, cups, cupboards, plates, computer cases, even missile aircraft......There are a lot of accessories can be produced by punching through the mold, the following is a brief introduction of what are the common types of punching:

First, according to the driving force of different points

The driving force of the sliding block can be divided into mechanical type and hydraulic type, so the punch is divided into different driving force according to its use:

(1) mechanical punch

(2) hydraulic punch

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General sheet metal stamping processing, most of the use of power press machine.Hydraulic punch according to the use of liquid, there are hydraulic punch and hydraulic punch, the use of hydraulic punch is the majority, hydraulic punch is more used for giant machinery or special machinery.

Two, according to the sliding block movement classification according to the sliding block movement classification has single action, double action, three action and other punches, only the most used single action punches for a slider, double action and three action punches are mainly used in the car body and large processing parts of the extension processing, the number is very small.

Three, according to the sliding block driving mechanism classification

(1) Crankshaft Punch

The use of crankshaft punch is called crankshaft punch, the use of crankshaft most of the reason is easy to make, can correctly determine the stroke under the end of the seat, and the slide curve is basically practical in all kinds of processing.Therefore, this type of stamping is used for punching, bending, stretching, hot forging, warm forging, cold forging and almost all other punch processing.


(2) Non-crankshaft Punch Press

No crankshaft punch is also known as eccentric gear punch, crankshaft punch and eccentric gear punch two structure of the measure of function, eccentric gear punch structure shaft rigidity, lubrication, appearance, care is better than crankshaft structure, the disadvantage is the higher price.When the stroke is longer, the eccentric gear punch is more favorable, and if the stroke of the special cutting machine is shorter, the crankshaft punch is better, so the minicomputer and high speed punch is also the field of crankshaft punch.

(3) elbow joint type punch

Those who use the toggle mechanism on the slider drive are called toggle presses, which have a unique slider motion curve where the speed of the slider near the bottom dead point will become extremely slow (as measured by the crankshaft press).It also correctly determines the dead point position under the stroke, so this kind of press is suitable for compression processing such as embossing and finishing. Nowadays, cold forging is most commonly used.

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(4) friction punch

machine power press punching  that uses friction drive and screw mechanism on track drive is called friction punch.This kind of press is most suitable for forging and crushing operations. It can also be used for bending, forming, drawing, etc. It has versatility because it is widely used at low price.

(5) screw punch

In the slider drive mechanism on the use of screw mechanism called screw punch (or screw punch).

(6) rack type punch

Those who use rack and pinion mechanism on the slider drive mechanism are called rack punch.Spiral punch and rack punch have almost the same characteristics, its characteristics and hydraulic punch characteristics are similar.Formerly used for pressing bushings, debris and other items extrusion, oil pressing, baling, and cartridge case extrusion (thermal thinning process), but today has been replaced by hydraulic press, except for very special circumstances no longer used.


(7) connecting rod type punch

Presses that use various connecting rod mechanisms on the slider drive mechanism are called connecting rod presses.Use the purpose of the linkage in stretch processing side will stretch speed keep within a limit, and to reduce the processing cycle, use of shrink stretch processing speed change, speed up from TDC to processing and the starting point of the close to travel from the bottom dead center dead point of the return stroke speed, make its have the shorter than crank press cycle, in order to improve the productivity.

(8) CAM type punch

A punch that uses a CAM mechanism on a slider drive mechanism is called a CAM punch.This type of press is characterized by a well-made CAM shape to easily obtain the desired slider motion curve.But because of the nature of the CAM mechanism is difficult to convey greater force, so the punch capacity is very small.

The above is the common type of punch equipment processing, according to the enterprise's own process requirements to choose the appropriate equipment can effectively control the cost.

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