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What matters need to pay attention to when operating electric shears - Maanshan Durmapress Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd

Abstract: Electric plate shearer has become an essential machinery for modern sheet metal processing, which can achieve high accuracy and long duration of operation. Today, we will take you to understand the operation precautions of electric plate shearer.


1) Check whether the material and thickness of the plate are correct, whether the surface of the plate is uneven and defective, pay attention to the direction of the texture, and determine the shear sequence.

3x2500 shear 9

2) According to the thickness of the plate adjust the upper and lower tool clearance, adjust the position of the back baffle, cutting material is accurate, the width of both ends is consistent.

3) In the shear process, often check whether the size of the sheet to be cut (length, width, diagonal) is consistent with the drawing.

4) The cut sheet should be placed in different categories, stacked neatly, and marked with name and size, the surface of the protection plate shall not be damaged.

5) Cut off the small metal sheet, before cutting must be in the cutting machine pressure bar, pay attention to the safety of operation. Method of use

1) Perform some idling cycles after starting the shears to ensure normal conditions for different thickness (T< 6mm) shear test, and familiar with the performance of the shear.

2) Blade clearance must be adjusted before trial cutting. If the blade clearance is not adjusted, the durability of the blade will be affected.

3x2500 shear 10

3) Open the pressure gauge and observe the oil pressure in the shearing process. When cutting 1.0mm stainless steel plate, the pressure should be less than 1.5mpa. Do not violate the rules to cut the thickness of more than 6 mm plate, so as not to damage the machine! Operating procedures

1) The operator must be familiar with the overall structure and performance of the equipment, and ultra performance equipment is strictly prohibited.

2) Before starting the equipment, fill the oil and check the amount of oil in the cylinder according to the lubrication regulations of the equipment.

3) The upper and lower blades should be adjusted before work, and the blade clearance should be determined according to the thickness of the shear plate. In general, the thickness of the shear plate is between 8 and 10%. Each clearance adjustment should be locked and adjusted according to the thickness of each plate. (Adjust the console, see clearance adjustment on the machine tool)

3x2500 shear 15

4) It is strictly forbidden to put sundries or tools on the machine tool and working table to prevent the forward blade from damaging the blade. When cutting, the plate must be pressed to prevent the material from bouncing and wounding. 5) Always pay attention to the abnormality or failure of the locking mechanism, clutch, brake and pedal switch. We should concentrate when shearing sheep. If the equipment is abnormal, stop cutting immediately, cut off the power supply, and notify the maintenance personnel for maintenance.

6) Pay attention to safe and civilized production and environmental hygiene in accordance with relevant regulations.

The above are the precautions for the operation of electric scissors

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