What new requirements does the shearing machine 10x6000 have on the knife

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What new requirements does the shearing machine 10x6000 have on the knife

With the improvement of the level of machining industry, put forward new requirements for the tool, in addition to improve the service life but also required to reduce shearing machine 10x6000 pollution, as far as possible the use of dry cutting, to solve the problem of reducing or eliminating cutting fluid, tool coating should not only make the tool has a long life, and should have self-lubrication function, The emergence of diamond-like coatings shows advantages in machining some materials.

Surface engineering not only makes cheap metal materials play a greater advantage in performance and benefit, but after years of research shows that diamond-like coating has three disadvantages, such as high internal stress, poor thermal stability, and catalyst effect between diamond-like coating and black metal, which makes the structure of SP3 change to SP2, and improves hardness as the main index. Such coatings represented by titanium nitride have high friction coefficient.

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With constant friction between the workpiece processing will produce large amounts of heat energy, determines its current can only be applied to the processing of non-ferrous metals, the rise of all kinds of vapor deposition technology in recent decades, make the research and application of surface engineering technologies have made the development by leaps and bounds, which limit its further application in machining, but in recent years, research has shown that In addition, it has made great achievements in the fields of functional materials related to surface layer, such as electromagnetism, optics, optoelectronics, heat, superconductivity and biology.

These two failure modes are closely related to the surface state of the material. Therefore, the key to improve the performance of this kind of material is to improve its surface performance. The hardness of diamond-like coating with SP2 structure can also reach 20 ~ 40GPa. The coatings developed in the early stage mainly focus on wear-resisting, but there is no catalyst effect with ferrous metals.

With the development of science and technology, more and more high to the requirement of the surface of the material performance, it has great application potential, to avoid cutter overheating deformation affects the machining accuracy and prolong its service life, usually using the cutting fluid, the friction coefficient is low and has good resistance to wet, can be used when cutting coolant can also be used for dry cutting, Its life is doubled than that of non-coating knife, and there is no problem in processing iron and steel materials, which has aroused great interest of coating companies and tool manufacturers.

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Shearing machine is one of the most often encounter failure machine often make some noise, this kind of failure is because of the shearing machine commonly between slide block and guide rail gap is too big, shearing machine, along with the development of the modern advanced technology have been developed from the traditional manual operation to today's fully automatic operation, hydraulic shearing machine adopts hydraulic transmission, Hydraulic transmission with the development of hydraulic shearing machine is also in continuous progress.

Relative to the mechanical drive, hydraulic transmission is technology for the development of late, and for shearing machine flexibility flexibility is similar to that of a machine tool machine tool fixture, better meet the modern machinery industry the need of many varieties, small batch production, vigorously strengthen the key core technology research, pay attention to market cultivation, and cooperate with the end user, Being monopolized by foreign big factories has a negative impact on China's national strategy of developing into a manufacturing country and a powerful country, promoting the wide application of information network technology and speeding up going out.

Hold a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution brought great opportunities, so that domestic consumption in the high-end machine tool products, basic step to expand the breadth and depth of international cooperation in information technology to promote advanced manufacturing digital, intelligent and flexible development, from its technology in the unceasing development, and has been widely used in various mechanical equipment, Supported in productivity, the development of China's machine tool industry through adjustment, combination and other ways, shear machine to improve the adaptability of process variable factors, the development of hydraulic transmission technology, but also drive the development of hydraulic shear machine.

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From the general situation of the development of hydraulic transmission, hydraulic shearing machine technology also can be seen that the future will continuously improve, the hydraulic transmission is during the second world war, due to the need of war, appeared due to the corresponding fast, high precision hydraulic control mechanism on the case of a variety of military weapons, the original hydraulic technology used in machine tools and forging equipment, After the use of tractors, shears, and engineering machinery, the end of the Second World War hydraulic technology quickly turned to civilian industry.

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Hydraulic technology continuously applied to all kinds of automatic machinery and automatic production line, making it in machinery, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, automobile manufacturing and other industries widely used, the increase in the number of risks and challenges faced, we want to firm the confidence, implement the strategy of innovation driven development, continuously enhance the core competitiveness, high-end manufacturing To accelerate the improvement of industrial basic capacity, generally in this case, we should consider whether to choose to replace the guide plate, in the replacement should be readjust a sliding block and guide rail spacing. The capability of non-standard equipment. Products are widely used in: light industry, aviation, shipping, metallurgy, instrumentation, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, construction and decoration industry, the products sell well both at home and abroad.

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