What role can plasma cleaning machine play in addition to etching activation? Don't miss the following misunderstandings!

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What role can plasma cleaning machine play in addition to etching activation? Don't miss the following misunderstandings!

Plasma cleaning machine application field

Plasma cleaning machine is mainly suitable for surface modification treatment of various materials: surface cleaning, surface activation, surface etching, surface grafting, surface deposition, surface polymerization and plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition.

Surface modification: paper bonding, plastic bonding, metal tin welding, electroplating before the surface treatment;

Surface activation: surface modification of biological materials, surface treatment before printing, coating or bonding, such as textile surface treatment;

Surface etching: fine processing of silicon, surface etching treatment of glass and other solar energy fields, surface etching treatment of medical vessels;

Surface grafting: the generation of specific groups on the surface of the material and the fixation of surface activation;

Surface deposition: plasma-polymerized deposition of hydrophobic or hydrophilic layers;

Plasma cleaning machine is widely used in metal, microelectronics, polymers, biological functional materials, low temperature sterilization and pollution control and other fields, is the ideal equipment for enterprises, research institutes for plasma surface treatment.

1. Application of plasma cleaning machine in microelectronic packaging

In the production process of microelectronics packaging, due to a variety of fingerprints, flux, cross-contamination, natural oxidation, devices and materials will form a variety of surface contamination, including organic matter, epoxy resin, photoresist and solder, metal salts, etc. These stains can have a significant impact on the packaging process and plasmas. The use of plasma cleaning machines can easily be removed through the formation of contamination in the molecular level production process to ensure the adhesion of atoms and close contact between atoms on the workpiece surface, thus effectively improving the bonding strength, improving wafer bonding quality, reducing leakage rate, improving packaging performance, yield and reliability of components.

The choice of plasma cleaning process for electronic packaging depends on the requirements of subsequent processes on the material surface, the original characteristics of the material surface chemical composition and the nature of pollutants. Commonly used for plasma cleaning gas argon, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon tetrafluoride and its mixture. Table, plasma cleaning technology application selection.

Small silver glue village bottom: pollutants will lead to colloidal silver is spherical, is not conducive to chip adhesion, easy to hurt the chip manual, the use of rf plasma cleaning can make the surface roughness and hydrophilicity greatly improved, is conducive to silver colloidal and ceramic tile adhesion chip, at the same time, the amount of use can save silver glue, reduce costs.


Lead bonding: chip bonding substrate before and after high temperature curing, the existing pollutants may contain micro particles and oxides, the physical and chemical reaction of these pollutants lead and chip and substrate welding is incomplete ah poor bonding strength, adhesion is not enough. Rf plasma cleaning can significantly improve the surface activity and the bonding strength and tensile strength of the bonding wires before bonding. The pressure on the weld joint can be low (when there are contaminants, the weld head penetrates contaminants, and greater pressure is required), and in some cases the bonding temperature can also be reduced, thus improving production and reducing costs.

Sealant: In the process of epoxy resin, contaminants will lead to high foam foaming rate, resulting in low product quality and service life, so in order to avoid the formation of sealing foam also pay attention to. After rf plasma cleaning, the chip and substrate will be more closely combined with colloid, the formation of foam will be greatly reduced, but also significantly improve the heat dissipation and optical emissivity.

⒉ The action mechanism of plasma cleaning machine in rubber and plastic industry products

I ammonites are found in industrial applications, some rubber plastic parts in connection will appear on the surface of adhesive difficult problems, it is because of polypropylene, PTFE, rubber plastic material has no polarity, these materials under the conditions of without surface treatment of printing, adhesive, coating and other effect is very poor, even can't be.


Some processes with some chemical agents on the surface of these stolen plastic processing, so that can change the bonding effect of the material, but this method is not easy to master, chemical agents themselves have toxicity, operation is very troublesome, the cost is high, and chemical agents on the original excellent performance of rubber and plastic materials also have an impact.

These materials are surface treated with plasma technology. Under the bombardment of high-speed and high-energy plasma, the structural surface of these materials is maximized. At the same time, an active layer is formed on the material surface, so that rubber and plastic can be printed, bonded, coated and other operations. Plasma-plasma-plastic-rubber surface treatment has the advantages of simple operation, no harmful substances before and after treatment, good treatment effect, high efficiency and low operating cost.

3. The role of plasma cleaning machine to clean tiny holes

As HD board aperture miniaturization, traditional chemical cleaning process cannot meet the blind hole cleaning of the structure, the liquid surface tension causes the liquid penetration into the hole is difficult, especially when dealing with laser micro drilling blind hole plate, bad reliability is applied to micro Yin officer hole hole cleaning process mainly has super living wave and plasma cleaning cleaning, Ultrasonic cleaning is mainly based on cavitation effect to achieve the purpose of cleaning, belongs to the wet treatment, cleaning time is longer, and depends on the cleaning performance of the cleaning liquid, increasing the treatment of waste liquid.

At present, the widely used process is mainly plasma cleaning process, plasma treatment process is simple, environmentally friendly, cleaning effect is obvious, for the blind hole structure is very effective.

Plasma cleaning refers to the directional movement of highly activated plasma under the action of electric field, and gas-solid chemical reaction occurs with drilling dirt of hole wall. At the same time, the gas products and some unreacted particles are discharged by pumping pump. In the first stage, high purity N2 is used to generate plasma, and the printed board is preheated at the same time, so that the polymer material is in a certain activation state. In the second stage, O2 and CF4 are used as the original gas, and 0 and F plasma are produced after mixing, which reacts with acrylic acid, PI, FR4 and glass fiber to achieve the purpose of drilling contamination. In the third stage, O2 was used as the original gas, and the plasma and reaction residue were generated to clean the hole wall.

In the process of plasma cleaning, besides plasma chemical reaction, plasma also reacts with material surface physically. Plasma particles knock off atoms on or attached to the surface of the material, which is beneficial to the cleaning etching reaction.

With the development of materials and technology, the realization of buried straight hole structure will be smaller and smaller, more and more refined; In to fill the holes, blind holes on plating using the traditional chemical degumming slag method will be more and more difficult, and plasma processing cleaning method can effectively get rid of disadvantages of wet method in addition to the glue residue, can achieve the blind hole and small hole is better cleaning effect, which can guarantee the blind hole plating when fill hole to achieve good effect.

4. Plasma cleaning machine technology is applied to the treatment of ignition coil


With the development of automobile industry, its performance requirements are getting higher and higher. Spark casting has lifting power, the most obvious effect is to improve the low and medium speed torque when running jun; Eliminate carbon deposition, better protect the engine, prolong the life of the engine; Reduce or eliminate engine resonance; Full combustion of fuel, reduce emissions and many other functions. To make a point of fire is give full play to its role, its quality, reliability, service life and so on must be up to standard, but at the moment of ignition coil production process is still a lot of problems, ignition coil skeleton in after pouring epoxy resin, because skeleton before the mould surface with great stars of the volatile oil, lead to frame combined with epoxy resin bonded sand, finished products in use, The temperature rises at the moment of ignition, which will produce bubbles in the tiny gap of the bonding surface, damage the ignition coil, and serious explosion phenomenon will occur.

Ignition coil skeleton using plasma treatment, not only can remove the surface of the difficult volatile oil, but also greatly improve the surface activity of the skeleton, that is, can improve the bonding strength of the skeleton and epoxy resin, avoid bubbles, and can improve the welding strength of the enameled wire and skeleton contact after winding. In this way, the performance of ignition coil in the production process has been significantly improved, improving the reliability and service life.

Plasma cleaning technology is the biggest characteristic of both processing objects, base material type, can be processed, for metal, semiconductor and oxides and most of the polymer materials, such as polypropylene, polyester, polyimide, poly (ethyl chloride, epoxy, and even can well with teflon etc, and can realize the overall and partial cleaning and complex structure. The application of plasma cleaning technology has been mature, and its related output value increases year by year. The output value of foreign market is higher than that of domestic market, but the domestic development space is large and the application prospect is attractive.


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