What should we do when the electrical control system of the sheet metal press brake fails

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What should we do when the electrical control system of the sheet metal press brake fails

We introduce how to do when the electrical control system of the sheet metal press brake fails.

Sheet metal press brake enterprise has a greater advantage of a bending machine enterprise after market investigation and research to complete the conceptual design of a bending machine product, and then organize other bending machine enterprises with some design and manufacturing advantages to form a dynamic alliance, quickly complete the design and processing of bending machine products, seize the market. We call this advantageous bending machine enterprise as the leader, and other alliance bending machine enterprises as Allies. The alliance bending machine enterprises are connected with each other through modern communication technology, and the alliance master coordinates the work to realize the design and manufacturing process in the same place or in different places.Virtual development of a bending machine product life cycle mainly includes conceptual design, structural design, manufacturing assembly, use and other aspects. The relationship between each factor is complicated and influences each other. In order to speed up the development, we should make use of modern computer equipment to form a virtual development environment. Electrical control system includes NUMERICAL control system, servo system, machine tool electrical cabinet (also known as strong electric cabinet) and operation panel.

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The interface between CNC system and machine tool electrical equipment has four parts drive circuit mainly refers to the circuit between the axis feed drive and spindle drive o position feedback circuit index control system and position detection device connection circuit. Power supply power supply and the protection circuit and protect circuit controlled by the CNC bending machine high voltage of the power control circuit of the circuit, high voltage circuit controlled by the power transformer, transformer, circuit breaker, protection switch, contactor, such as fuse connection and become, for the electromagnet, solenoid valve and the clutch power components of power supply. Switch signal connection circuit switch signal is the input and output control signal between CNC system and machine tool, input and output signal transmission between CNC system and machine tool through I/O interface. All kinds of signals in nc system can be expressed by machine tool data bit "1" or" 0 ". The NUMERICAL control system outputs various control commands to the I/O interface through the processing of the input switching quantity to control the action of the strong current line.

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Numerical control equipment from the electrical point of view, the very obvious feature is to replace the mechanical transmission of ordinary machine tools with electrical drive, the corresponding main movement and feed movement by the spindle motor and servo motor execution completed, and the motor drive needs to have the corresponding drive device and power supply configuration. CNC bending machine failure is the exponential control bending machine lost the specified function. According to the fault frequency of CNC bending machine tools, the service life of machine tools can be divided into three stages, that is, initial operation period, relatively stable operation period and aging period. The fault frequency of these three stages can be expressed by the fault occurrence law curve. CNC bending machine from the machine installation and debugging to the operation of about a year of time known as the initial operation period of machine tools. During this period of time, the machinery is in the running-in stage, some electronic components in the electrical interference by the initial test and damage, so CNC bending machine tools in this period of time the failure is relatively more.

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