What should we pay attention to when choosing CNC turret punch

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What should we pay attention to when choosing CNC turret punch

We know that CNC turret punch is through programming software (or manual) preparation of the processing program, the servo feeding mechanism will be sent to the position of the plate to be processed, at the same time by the mold selection system to select the corresponding mold in the mold library, hydraulic power system according to the program to stamping, automatic completion of the workpiece processing.


Therefore, we should choose CNC turret punch from the driving mode, turret thickness, turret number of three aspects.

One, CNC turret punch driving mode

Numerical control turret punch drive mode has hydraulic, mechanical, servo mechanical three ways. The use of mechanical drive mode is relatively low cost, simple maintenance, but the disadvantage is noise, mold demoulding astringent point.

The use of hydraulic cost is relatively high, but the noise is small, mold demoulding smoothly. In addition, the use of hydraulic equipment environmental temperature requirements, winter can not be less than -5 degrees, summer can not be higher than 70 degrees, so it is necessary to install cooling and heating equipment to ensure the normal operation of equipment temperature. Full electric servo drive, is a new technology in recent years, punching speed is higher than the above two, but it is used for punching thin plates. Therefore, three driving modes can be selected.


Two, the thickness of the turret

Because the thickness of the turret determines the deformation of the turret, thin turret than relatively thick turret deformation rate is much higher, turret once deformation will directly cause on mold, unable to repair, can only replace the turret, so using thick turret, will let the mould good neutral, high orientation precision, partial load resistance is strong, greatly improving the service life of the mold, And at present domestic and international use thick turret. Of course, if you also want to process the workpiece material. It generally refers to the same or several kinds of pass workpiece on the plate above 4mm and below 15mm. It is suitable for automatic thick plate CNC turret punch.


Three, the modular number of the turret

According to the number of types of pass to select the specific number of station equipment. With currently on the market most CNC punch press is 32 points, more but in many cases, 32 location for most of the users or more waste, in fact 24 station and 20, 18 station is practical, has 16 points but that because there is no D location, can't do the shutters so is not very convenient to use, Those who work at 18 and above have no such problem and carry at least one D station. In addition, there are many users do communication and high and low voltage this piece, this piece of the amount is usually relatively large, generally see meaning is a 32 station of the money is not as good as two 18 or 24 stations, the efficiency of two than a much faster, say in case there is a collapsed, there is another stand.

Therefore, in the selection of CNC turret punch, should be based on the processing needs, mainly from these three aspects.

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