What steps can not be ignored before and after the operation of automatic CNC bending machine?

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What steps can not be ignored before and after the operation of automatic CNC bending machine?

For the operation of automatic CNC bending machine, every step is not negligible. Operations before starting:

Before starting the machine, the operator should check all aspects of oil, mold, etc., including whether there is enough oil at the centralized oil supply place of each part. In addition, whether the cleaning of the abrasive is in place, do not think that the appearance of impurities will not have any impact, in fact, if these are not dealt with in time, it is easy to cause damage to the abrasive.

Various operations during operation:

From the start of the power supply, the operator will begin to pay attention to the steps and switches. If abnormal conditions are found, automatic CNC bending opportunities have automatic alarm Settings, this time to stop all operation, first to rule out any possible damage to the machine behavior. Another is the program, we should pay attention to check according to the drawings, sometimes a link error may lead to serial errors.


Automatic CNC bending machine bending phenomenon should be how to deal with?

If it is found that the automatic CNC bending machine has any bending behavior, we must stop the machine in time to check, especially to check the position and clearance of the upper and lower die, because it involves the damage of the abrasive, of course, in the process of adjustment, you can accelerate the operation, a part a part to find the damaged place. Of course, the bending place also needs the design of the notch, which includes the selection of more than eight times the width of the notch, according to the bending must be made up, generally bending about 4 mm plate actually need about 32 notch to make up for.

Automatic CNC bending machine foot switch will also appear bending, of course, this time the operator is first to loosen the foot, and then continue to go down. Because this machine is different from the previous shearing machine, the operation will not involve slotting and welding rod.

In the current processing industry, and will be used to all kinds of processing equipment, to complete the production and manufacture of products, acting under the CNC bending machine, main function, is the ability to complete bending workpiece, complete processing for parts, so in the use of the device, also need to pay attention to guarantee the precision of the workpiece, which can ensure that meet the needs.


Acting under for CNC bending machine, when using a must first determine the workpiece bending Angle, and the bending height, if the Angle and the height of them not sure, it is very easy to cause is suitable for processing, a lot of mistakes, this will lead to the effect of bending can't satisfy the use of specific needs, At the same time, it will also lead to the production of products, there is no way to meet the needs of installation, so we must pay attention to the Settings of parameters in advance.

In addition, acting under the CNC bending machine is the use of advanced technology of space, this time, will be through the system, programming to ahead of schedule, so in the workpiece after use, can complete the accurate operation, pay attention to in the operation and processing, to moment through calibration equipment, to check for equipment was done, In this way, we can find out whether there are any problems in production in time, and then make adjustments in time.


At present, the down moving CNC bending machine is indeed become the current major industries will be used in the equipment, for now there is a demand for enterprises, if you want to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece, want to meet the actual use of the industry needs, or need to do so, so as to produce the right products

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