When choosing CNC bending machine, we should pay attention to five points

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When choosing CNC bending machine, we should pay attention to five points

A workpiece,

What you have to think about is what kind of parts you are going to produce, and the type of CNC bending machine is different for different parts.At present, there are many kinds, functions and sizes are very different.The key should consider material grade and processing thickness and length, will choose for the basis with this.

For example, if you are working on a 16 gauge, 10 ft low carbon steel, your machine will require a free bending force of no more than 50 tons to meet minimum processing requirements.Consider a 150-ton machine if the bottom die is forming. If the thickest material is 1/4 inch, the 10-foot free bending will require 165 tons of bending and the bottom die bending will require at least 600 tons.These are hard indicators, for the long - term processing of metal products are very important.


Second, the scratching

Torsion is an important parameter in the mold production of cnc press brake machine.When the same load and different size of the table, the deflection is obviously different.So what are the effects of flexion?Can better produce qualified parts;Reduces gasket adjustment time and preparation time.

Three, the bending radius of the parts

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Considering the press brake machine bending radius of the parts, the free bending requires that the bending radius is 0.156 times the opening distance of the die, and the opening distance of the die should be 8 times the thickness of the metal material.Specific bending also depends on the way of bending, reducing the bending radius may cause the stress of springback, bending radius is large, will not affect the quality of the piece and service life, and can basically avoid the possibility of springback.


Four, precision,

Bending accuracy also has a very important impact on the purchase of the bending machine.When you are making all kinds of precision parts, or have high requirements for precision, degree is an object that we often think about.If the bending accuracy of ±1°, and can not be changed, then choose CNC machine;Hand controlled bending machine is more suitable for general ±2~3° deviation under the production work, more used to manufacture some large equipment with low precision.


Five, bending mold

Choose the right mold to produce better performance parts, there are many kinds of molds, there are general, there are also special, should be selected according to the need.The service life of the die is mainly affected by wear and tear and other factors.

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