When operating laser cutting machine necessary protective measures, this must see

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When operating laser cutting machine necessary protective measures, this must see

When operating laser cutting machine necessary protective measures, this must see

The main working principle of the laser cutting machine is that the laser is an invisible light source, so in normal operation, it is also necessary to take some necessary protective measures to avoid unnecessary damage to the body. Here is a talk about the normal operation of the laser principle of cutting what are the necessary protective measures.

First, we should pay attention to the protection of the eyes

Generally when we were in the use of laser cutting machine someone habitually like to stare at the laser cutting has been, this habit but a lot of eye damage, because has been long time staring at cutting the firelight, clearly a feeling is watching for a long time can let an eye tingling, this is the most direct damage, In laser cutting processing, at the same time also will shoot laser special a substance, the substance and highly concentrated in processing workshops, directly through the eyes of refractive media focus on networks to form images above, this will let the energy density of the networks online than those of the Angle of energy density is much higher, so cause damage eyes Angle or networks.

Second, skin protection

In addition to the eyes, the laser for the stimulation of the skin is not small, laser can cause the damage of skin tissue, but the damage to the skin to repair itself, though it is a drop in the overall function of the skin, but will not affect the whole body function, but if long time don't pay attention to in under the laser irradiation, can cause the skin or leave scar, Although compared to the eyes, laser damage to the skin is much smaller, but also to cause enough attention.

Third, the protection of respiratory tract

Finally, when operating the laser cutting machine, it may affect our respiratory tract. Because the laser will produce certain high temperature, yoga mat laser cutting machine, the high temperature gas again in order to complete a variety of cutting work, in the process will produce a lot of dust, especially in processing acrylic, leather, plastic, etc material cutting out when gas dust has a very heavy chemical composition, can harm to our body.

What is laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine is divided into many kinds, laser cutting machine according to different laser work material, can be divided into solid laser cutting machine and gas laser cutting machine; According to the different working mode of the laser, it is also divided into continuous laser cutting machine and pulse laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine mostly uses CO2 laser cutting equipment.

C02 laser cutting machine is also known as carbon dioxide cutting machine, it uses carbon dioxide laser, working material is carbon dioxide gas, auxiliary gas is nitrogen, xenon and so on. The working principle of CO2 laser cutting is to drive the laser tube to emit light through the power supply, through the refraction of a number of mirrors, the beam is transmitted to the laser head, and then through the focusing mirror to condense the light into a point, so as to produce high temperature, using the high temperature generated by the material instant vaporization, hefei laser cutting machine, so as to achieve the effect of cutting.

Laser cutting machine general host, laser tube, optical path, NUMERICAL control system, stable voltage, cutting, operating table, water chiller, air compressor, air cooling dryer, exhaust dust removal machine, slag discharge machine and so on.

Laser cutting machine, is widely used because laser cutting machine has outstanding advantages, processing technology, mouse pad laser cutting machine, when cutting materials not only high power, but also good effect. Compared with traditional cutting machine, laser cutting machine cutting speed faster, high precision cutting quality, simple and convenient operation.

C02 laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting non-metallic materials, such as clothing embroidery, leather products, bamboo and wood products, paper products, acrylic and other industries.

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