Where is the future of cheap fiber laser cutting machine

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Where is the future of cheap fiber laser cutting machine

As an advanced sheet metal processing technology and means, cheap fiber laser cutting machine have been rapidly and widely adopted in various industries of industrial machinery due to their significant advantages such as high efficiency, high precision, and high flexibility, and have also attracted more and more industry applications. Someone may ask, after more than 40 years of continuous development, the laser cutting machine has matured day by day, so how will it develop in the future? What is its development trend? In the context of China's ambition to realize the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and intelligent manufacturing, the above two issues are particularly worthy of discussion. There is a proverb in the West that "the future is determined by the past". This statement provides us with a key to the future of laser cutting machine. This means that if we want to grasp the future development trend of laser cutting machines, we can start with an insight into the status quo of 1000w laser welding machine.

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In order to facilitate insight into the status quo of laser welding machine for stainless steel, we may wish to summarize and analyze from the following aspects.

·Laser cutting machine realizes an epoch-making product revolution

Ten years ago, the German and American CO2 laser light source manufacturers in China and even the global market sank into a trough; the world's mainstream laser cutting machine manufacturers had to switch to the development and sales of fiber laser cutting machines, and a large number of them were born. The domestic and foreign manufacturers that only do fiber laser cutting machines. This revolution in light source technology has brought greater return on investment to end users and brought a multi-billion dollar industrial value chain to the market. In recent years, more than 40% of the industrial lasers used in the field of laser processing produced and sold worldwide are used for laser cutting, which surpasses laser welding, laser marking, laser texturing, laser heat treatment and laser cladding. Ranked first in the application of industrial lasers, it shows that laser cutting technology has an extremely important technical application position, and also indicates that laser cutting machines have extremely eye-catching development space. This is the most important technological revolution since the birth of the laser cutting machine. High, medium and low power fiber laser cutting machines are developing in parallel.

As today's CO2 laser cutting machine is marginalized in all aspects of production and sales, the laser cutting machines we are going to talk about here are all fiber laser cutting machines. In the past five years, 300-1000W medium and low-power fiber laser cutting machines, 1000-3000W high-power fiber laser cutting machines, and high-power fiber laser cutting machines above 3000W have achieved rapid growth in their respective fields due to their different cutting capabilities. Development can be described as advancing side by side, with full blooms and fruits. This is also the best proof of the era of fiber laser cutting machine. The degree of automation of laser cutting machines has been significantly improved.

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Is the laser cutting machine just a piece of equipment for precision blanking of sheet metal? Yes, of course not all. In the first twenty years since the birth of the laser cutting machine, it has gone through a relatively long road to product stability. During and after this process, laser cutting machines are developing towards application specialization, such as template laser cutting machine, laser cloth cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine, flat laser cutting machine, robot 3D laser cutting machine, 3D 5-axis laser cutting Machines have come out one after another, and they are all finalized products. But at the same time, what can not be ignored is that the laser cutting machine is moving forward in the direction of automation. For a laser cutting machine, the auxiliary units such as automatic feeding, automatic unloading, automatic slag discharge, and automatic picking can effectively reduce labor intensity, reduce the number of labor, shorten standby time, and even realize unattended Laser cutting operations, thereby comprehensively improving the application rate of laser cutting machines.

In fact, well-known laser cutting machine manufacturers with wide-ranging influence all over the world put in practice here, occupying the first-mover advantage on the road of laser cutting automation development, and also leading the development and application direction of laser cutting machines.

What enlightenment can the current situation of laser cutting machine summarized from the above three aspects bring us? Are the future development directions and trends of laser cutting machines really hidden in it? So, let us stand in the present and look at the future of laser cutting machines.

·The future development trend of laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine will continue to carry out an epoch-making product revolution.

The laser light source is the core component of a laser cutting machine, and it is also an important indicator that determines the type and cutting ability of a laser cutting machine. Needless to say, the future changes of laser cutting machines will also occur in laser light sources. As mentioned above, the replacement of CO2 laser cutting machine by fiber laser cutting machine is the most important technological revolution in the forty years since the birth of laser cutting machine. It has brought epoch-making economic benefits to manufacturers in this field and new and old users. So, in the future, is there a new light source that is cheaper than fiber lasers, has better performance, better beam modes, higher electro-optical conversion rate, or lower overall cost? The answer is of course yes. Then ask further, what laser is it? Of course, there is no way to give an accurate answer now. Science and technology sometimes faltering slowly, sometimes moving forward rapidly. At present, I can only say that the development of semiconductor lasers deserves close attention from friends in the industry. High-power fiber lasers will become the main force in the laser cutting machine market

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At present, the optical fiber cleaver in each power range has ushered in great development. However, where is the mainstream laser power of laser cutting machines in the future? Although the laser cutting machines in each power range have their own uses, they started with high-power fiber lasers and triggered a global laser cutting machine technology revolution, using higher power, higher precision, and greater cutting capabilities as fiber laser cutting One of the important development directions of the machine.

Whether it is Germany's Industry 4.0 or China's smart manufacturing, the fourth industrial revolution in the industrial field is coming quietly. As a high-precision CNC laser cutting machine, the laser cutting machine is bound to keep pace with the times and fly with technology. The automation development of laser cutting machines has greatly improved the production capacity and automation level of the sheet metal workshop.

In the future, on this basis, an era of intelligent manufacturing of laser cutting machines is brewing deeply in the fields of network technology, communication technology, and computer software technology. It is foreseeable that as a precision sheet metal blanking method, it will use its own network communication capabilities to communicate with the sheet decoiling line, bending machine, CNC punching machine, welding (riveting) unit, shot blasting and coating line in the factory. And other equipment, embedded in a unified production plan, task and assessment management system, has become an important part of the sheet metal workshop management system.

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