Why are large-format switching laser cutting machines becoming more popular?

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Why are large-format switching laser cutting machines becoming more popular?

The large-format switching laser cutting machine consists of two tables to realize the function of switching the table surface.

Before 2010, due to the high price of laser cutting equipment, the domestic use of large area laser cutting machine enterprises are not many. Driven by the continuous improvement of modern industrial processing requirements, domestic enterprises actively introduce laser cutting equipment, after 2011, domestic laser enterprises vigorously develop high-power fiber laser cutting machine. High-power fiber laser processing has unique processing advantages, processing costs have dropped significantly, at the same time, combined with a variety of flexible payment methods, at present, more and more sheet metal processing enterprises, kitchen and bathroom manufacturing enterprises and automotive parts and other industrial enterprises more and more use of laser cutting machine, laser processing equipment can be rapidly popularized.

So why are large-format switching laser cutting machines becoming more and more popular?


1. Gas auxiliary is reasonable

Due to the uneven material itself, in the cutting process, the large area laser cutting machine needs to carry out real-time height changes in the Z-axis direction in order to keep the laser and cutting surface fixed spacing. The oxygen reaction heat can not only greatly improve the cutting efficiency, but also the resulting oxide film can improve the spectral absorption of the reflective material.

2. Capacitor control

Large-format control technology, laser cutting machine adopt capacitance capacitance sensor can keep cutting head is always the focus in the plate surface, cutting head and distance from the surface of plate is fixed, always will not change by plank of rugged, if the sensor height exceeds the height from the plate, the sensor will send alarm signal to the numerical control system.

3, intelligent operation

Large area laser cutting machine adopts intelligent operation technology. The problem of low material utilization rate in large area medium thickness sheet metal processing is solved by using automatic edge finding function.

In order to meet the technical requirements of high speed and high precision of domestic laser cutting machine, a whole set of control system of large area laser cutting machine was developed. It solves the problems of slow running speed, difficult maintenance and inflexible design of traditional metal cutting equipment.

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