Why can BS3015D-2000W fiber laser cutting machine gradually replace CO2 laser cutting machine

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Why can BS3015D-2000W fiber laser cutting machine gradually replace CO2 laser cutting machine

BS3015D-2000W  fiber laser cutting machine in the modern market share is very considerable, why can fiber gradually replace carbon dioxide laser cutting machine? This mainly depends on the processing efficiency and cost of optical fiber equipment.

The application of laser technology in machinery has been a long time, laser technology affects our processing industry, the development of technology and the replacement of old and new technologies to gradually mature optical fiber equipment, and is now known as a very important laser processing equipment, its advantages mainly have several aspects.

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First, low maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of CO2 laser cutting machine is large, the consumption of consumables is more, the requirements of the environment is large, temperature, humidity and dust sensitive; Fiber laser cutting machine is basically maintenance-free equipment, relative to carbon dioxide equipment can work normally in a more severe environment, dust, temperature and humidity also have higher tolerance.

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Two, low processing cost

The photoelectric conversion rate of CO2 laser cutting machine is much lower than that of optical fiber laser cutting machine, and the laser tube is a consumption product, under the same power, optical fiber equipment can better use laser to create value, so the processing cost of optical fiber is lower, of course, the purchase price of optical fiber equipment is higher than that of carbon dioxide equipment.


Three, good technology

The maintenance of CO2 laser is higher in the north of the city, because of its power and the utilization of light, it is slower than the processing speed of optical fiber equipment; In terms of cutting effect, optical fiber laser cutting machine processing metal materials faster, no burr, smooth edge, etc., these are the use of optical fiber equipment is obvious, mainly laser generation technology is different, the processing effect is also different.

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