Working principle of electric device of electric shears

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Working principle of electric device of electric shears

The working principle of the electric device when the material is adjusted by the electric plate shearer:

Front stopper device for electric shears. It comprises a fixed frame in front of the electric shearing machine, above the frame is a guide rail in the direction of the front and rear, and is located on the guide rail of a movable bearing frame; A servo motor is also arranged on the frame, and the servo motor drives a screw parallel to the direction of the guide rail through a synchronous belt wheel, and the nut with the screw is fixedly connected with the material bearing frame; A plurality of positioning pieces are also arranged above the bearing rack.


Electric plate shearing machine is widely used in machining a kind of shearing equipment, it can shear various thickness of steel plate materials. Commonly used electric shearing machine is divided into flat shearing, rolling shearing and vibration shearing 3 types. Flat shear is the use of a lot of. The electric shearing machine with shear thickness less than 10mm is mostly mechanical transmission, and the one greater than 10mm is hydraulic dynamic transmission. Generally operated by foot or button for single or continuous cutting of metal. When operating electric plate shears, attention should be paid to:

(1) before work, we should carefully check whether all parts of the electric shearing machine are normal, whether the electrical equipment is intact, and whether the lubrication system is smooth; Remove the table and placed around tools, measuring tools and other sundries and corner waste.

(2) do not operate the electric shearing machine alone 1 person, should be coordinated by 2-3 people to feed, control the size accuracy and take materials, and determine the unified command by 1 person.


(3) According to the stipulated thickness of the shearing plate, adjust the scissor clearance of the electric shearing machine. It is not allowed to cut two different specifications and different materials at the same time. Shall not be laminated shear. Shear sheet requires smooth surface, not shear can not press the narrow sheet.

(4) Belt, flywheel, gear, shaft and other moving parts of the electric shearing machine must be installed with protective cover.


(5) The operator's feeding fingers should be kept at least 200mm away from the scissor mouth, and away from the compression device. The protective fence placed on the trigger should not block the operator's eyes from the cutting area. The waste generated after operation has edges and corners, and the operator should remove it in time to prevent being stabbed and cut.

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