​WYQ24-45 Profile bending machine instruction manual

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​WYQ24-45 Profile bending machine instruction manual

WYQ24-45 Profile bending machine instruction manual

1. WYQ24-45 Profile bending machine Introduction

This manual is an important material to guide users to use and maintain the machine correctly, please keep it properly. In order to ensure the correct use and maintenance of the machine, please machine operator and maintainer must first understand the contents of the manual, and then compare the manual, operation and use the machine. As long as you follow the instructions strictly, you will get satisfactory results. Because this is based on our accumulated years of experience in maintenance and operation.

In the process of using this machine encountered problems can not be solved, please timely contact our company. (Please specify machine tool model and factory number)

Any changes to the machine tools in the future are the result of our technical progress and have nothing to do with the machines we have sold. Please forgive us without further notice.

Ii. Equipment Overview

This machine is three-roll profile bending machine under arc, it is a special equipment for profile bending, it can roll round, spiral workpiece, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, hydropower, metal structure and machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Main technical parameters:WYQ24-45 Profile bending machine



Technical parameters


Modulus of maximum bending section Cm³


Bending speed m/min

About 5

Yield limit of profile MPa

≦ 245

The inside of Angle steel

Maximum section Angle steel type

150 * 150 * 16

Minimum bending diameter mm


Minimum section Angle steel type

50 * 50 * 6

Minimum bending diameter mm


Outside the Angle steel bend

Maximum section Angle steel type

150 * 150 * 16

Minimum bending diameter mm


Minimum section Angle steel type

50 * 50 * 6

Minimum bending diameter mm


The inside of channel steel

Channel models


Minimum bending diameter mm


Channel steel outside bend

Channel models


Minimum bending diameter mm


Flat steel flat bend

The largest cross section

320 x 50

Minimum bending diameter mm


Flat steel bending

The largest cross section

160 x 40

Minimum bending diameter mm


Four, working principle and structural characteristics

4.1 the machine is mainly composed of bed part, side roller part, idler part, transmission part, electrical part and hydraulic system, mold and so on.

The machine as the introduction of European technology to produce arc three roll profile bending machine, profile bending of the function, the three working rollers are mainly driven roller, by hydraulic motor, gear, under the two roller lift for hydraulic transmission, two bottom rollers can do rotary center around a fixed arc lifting movement, both sides of the work roll the roller guide roller and correction device, It is beneficial to ensure the rolling quality of asymmetrical sections (such as Angle steel).

The machine has three movements :(1) can do up and down movement; (2) can do arc lifting movement with the lower roller at the same time; (3) Rotating motion can be done at the same time to ensure the forming quality of the profile in the process of rolling. The lifting displacement of two lower rollers is displayed by numbers, eye-catching and intuitive, the machine is equipped with an independent operating table, easy to operate. Machine bed for steel plate welding structure, and annealing treatment to eliminate internal stress. The side rollers are installed in the cavity of the bed. Through the oil cylinder of the side rollers on both sides, the side rollers can move up and down along the arc groove of the bed around the central axis. The roller is installed on the left and right swivel arm, and it can move along the side roller in an arc. Meanwhile, the roller rotates the oil cylinder and the roller lifts the oil cylinder, which can rotate and lift the oil cylinder at a specified Angle around the swivel arm. The rise and fall of the side roller oil cylinder is equipped with digital display device, which is convenient for operation. The machine has enough strength and stiffness to meet the bending of the profile within the capacity of the machine. The replacement mold can bend the profile of Angle steel, flat steel, square steel, channel steel, I-beam, round steel, steel pipe and so on. With advanced structure, reliable operation, small volume and complete functions, the machine is an advanced profile forming equipment at home and abroad. Widely used in boiler, shipbuilding, hydropower, metal structure and other industries.

4.2. Mechanical transmission system

The three rollers of this machine are all active rollers, which are driven by hydraulic motor and transferred to both sides of the roller through three gear transmission, and to the upper roller through two gear transmission and one chain transmission.

4.3 Functions of the machine

The machine is fully driven by three rollers, which can prebend the end of the profile. By adjusting the roller, the distortion of the profile in the process of rolling can be corrected.

4.4 Working scope of the machine

The profile parameters specified in the basic parameter table refer to the maximum working capacity of the machine under reasonable use conditions, and have good economic benefits. Other profiles such as round steel, square steel and steel pipe, as long as the modulus of bending section is smaller than 180cm3, can be bent on the machine through the corresponding supporting die.

Five, hydraulic system

This machine is full hydraulic drive open system, rated working pressure 20MPa, adopts double gear pump. The large pump is used for the rotation of the oil motor in the main transmission system, and the small pump is used for the lifting of the auxiliary system cylinder. No-load start, pressure adjustment and overload unloading are carried out by the electromagnetic directional valve, relief valve and electromagnetic relief valve. The pressure adjustment range and pressure fluctuation of the system are observed through the shock-proof pressure gauge.

The system is in the form of switch control, the electric situation of the electromagnetic directional valve determines the working condition of the actuator (the lifting of the cylinder, the positive and reverse rotation of the motor), and the hydraulic control one-way valve keeps pressure on the actuator.

The working medium of the system is no. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil. Before the test run, the oil tank is filled with clean hydraulic oil by the air filter through the fine oil filter vehicle (≤ 10U), and the oil is filled with oil from the motor drain port.

Electrical control system

6.1 overview,

The power line of the electrical system adopts three-phase 380V.50HZ AC power supply, and the control power transforms 380V into 220V power supply through the control transformer. The electrical operation control and display of the machine are centrally installed in the electric control cabinet, and the functions of the operating parts are represented by visual symbols.

6.2 Control system composition

The control system consists of XC3 programmable controller and TP760 color display. Incremental optical knitting and low voltage electrical components.

6.3 TP760 color display screen is connected with PLC-XC3 through special communication line, and its function is mainly to display the status and control with the function button on the operation panel.

6.4 Button functions of operation panel:

(1)SBO: Emergency stop button (red mushroom head)

(2)SB1: Up button, used together with the touch button on the display screen

(3)SB2: Drop button, used together with the touch button on the display screen

(4)SB3: Oil pump starts

(5)SB4: Left rotation of upper roll

(6)SB5: Right rotation of upper roll

(7)SB6: Upper roll stop and lower roll stop

(8)SA0: The upper roller rotates around the point, linkage selection

(9)SA1: left idler ascending and descending selection

(10)SA2: Left roller rotation, right rotation selection

(11)SA3: right roller up, down selection

(12)SA4: Left rotation of right roller, right rotation selection

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