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DP-ES Pro Max CNC Press Brake 6~8+1 Axis


Why choose 8+1 Axis?

8+1 Axis



machine frame
Press Brake Toolings

Our custom top punch and dual-V bottom die are crafted for sheet metal bending. Choose from various press brake toolings based on your needs, all marked with material and HRC47 hardness values.

Machine Frame

Durmapress press brakes feature a robust mono-block frame made from high yield steel, ensuring enduring accuracy and reliability. Each frame is tempered and backed by a 15-year warranty.


We use Taiwan PMI ball screw and linear guide for X-axis precision, ensuring higher accuracy than rod-based systems. The backgauge, controlled by a servo motor with a timing belt & wheel mechanism, offers precise positioning.

Equip standard industry 4.0

ERP System

Manufacturing Execution System

Press Brake Tool Holders

We use WILA's innovative technologies, including Safety-Click®, Smart Tool Locator® and the E2M® replacement system for (heavy-duty) tools, to enhance the safety and convenience of replacement. Precision and ergonomics are carefully tailored for maximum productivity from all tools. Explore WILA knife block plans including new standard, American and custom style knife blocks.

laser check system

LaserCheck Bending Angle Measurement System

Experience unparalleled precision with the iMeasure Laser angle measurement system in collaboration with Data-M Engineering, ensuring accurate bend angles with just one operation. iMeasure stands as a fully automatic laser-assisted bend angle measurement system designed for CNC press brakes. Regardless of material properties or thickness, the LaserCheck feature guarantees precise bend angle determination with an unprecedented accuracy of better than 0.1°. This sets a new standard for precision in bending operations.

Durmapress CNC Bending Follower Supports System

CNC Bending Follower Supports System

The latest followers for sheet metal bending aim to optimize the performances of our press brakes by reducing the time to set up the press brake and simplifying the work of operators. These bending aids provide operators with valuable practical assistance (including an automatic height adjustment), especially for heavy or large parts. These cutting-edge bending aids go beyond conventional features, offering practical assistance that significantly reduces the setup time for the press brake. Notably, they introduce an automatic height adjustment function, which proves particularly valuable when working with heavy or large parts.

Sheet metal bending parameters calculator

Bending Force Calculation

How much force do you need to bend your piece?

Core Configuration

Design a stable body structure to improve mechanical stability, reduce vibration, and ensure accuracy and reliability during high-speed operation. Durmapress technology not only improves efficiency but also reduces material waste compared to traditional press brakes.

Our DP-ES Pro Max CNC Press Brake use advanced technology to ensure that each stress point is evenly distributed, achieving precision and stability during the material bending process. No matter how complex the shape, our equipment ensures that every point receives the appropriate force, providing superior quality and reliability for your production.

About Durmapress' Factory

Durmapress specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling various metal processing equipment, including bending machines, shears, punches, laser cutting machines, etc. The company was founded in 2000. With years of experience and technology accumulation. DurmaPress has become one of the well-known brands in China's metal processing machinery industry.


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