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CNC plasma cutting machine Performance advantages & product advantages

CNC plasma cutting machine Performance advantages:

1. The floor area is 2/3 less than that of ordinary machine tools, and the noise is low, which greatly reduces the demand for multiple processing sites.

2. Each part of the machine tool is equipped with an emergency stop switch. In case of emergency, the emergency stop switch can be pressed at any time.

3. The main machine of the punch is a combination of wired rail and hard rail, which ensures the running speed and the huge pressure generated when punching, and will not hurt the guide rail.

4. Super environmental adaptability, the precision parts of the machine are protected by dustproof devices to adapt to various harsh environments. The heat generating parts are equipped with strong wind fans to cool down, so as to prevent overheating damage parts in summer, prolong the service life of the equipment and reduce the failure rate.

CNC plasma cutting machine product advantages

1. Double mode selection of automatic and semi-automatic cutting

2. Digital precise control of cutting length

3. Easy to operate

4, the cutting speed is fast, the cutting seam is narrow, the incision is smooth

Numerical control plasma cutting machine working principle

Numerical control plasma cutting machine from the structure is divided into: the main circuit, control circuit and gas circuit three parts.

(1) the main loop comprises a contactor, a three-phase transformer, a three-phase bridge rectifier, and a high-frequency oscillator.

(2) The control loop is composed of control transformer and other components.

(3) The air path part is composed of decompression and solenoid valve.


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