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Tandem Servo CNC Press Brake


CNC Controller

Certainly, the controller functions as the central intelligence of the complete machinery. Our firm delivers top-notch controllers sourced from esteemed brands like Delem, ESA, and Cybelec. These controllers are imported directly from reputable manufacturing hubs situated in the Netherlands, Italy, and Switzerland, respectively.

The effective algorithm streamlines the bending cycle, diminishing the setup time for work steps and enhancing overall efficiency, particularly in batch processing scenarios.

Moreover, the system seamlessly supports both 2D and 3D graphics editing capabilities.

Machine Frame

Durmapress press brakes feature a robust mono-block frame made from high yield steel, ensuring enduring accuracy and reliability. Each frame is tempered and backed by a 15-year warranty.

Side Fast Clamp

Revolutionize your production efficiency with the ability to seamlessly interchange top punches. Streamlining your workflow, this feature ensures a swift and efficient process when adapting to diverse bending requirements. 



We use Taiwan PMI ball screw and linear guide for X-axis precision, ensuring higher accuracy than rod-based systems. The backgauge, controlled by a servo motor with a timing belt & wheel mechanism, offers precise positioning.

CNC Sheet Follower

A duo of linear guide rails supports the front bracket, ensuring stability during the bending process. The sheet follower mechanism orchestrates a seamless rotation of the workpiece, tracing its required shape with precision. This intricate dance is choreographed by the CNC system, which meticulously computes and manages the angle and speed of the sheet follower. Furthermore, the sheet follower effortlessly traverses the linear guide rail, providing smooth lateral movement in both left and right directions.

sheet support


Servo motors are industry-standard for their energy efficiency, dynamic performance, and enhanced machine productivity. Compared to conventional motors, they can save up to 35% in energy, ensuring increased efficiency and lower operating costs.

In addition, we present a Siemens energy-efficient motor from Germany, designed to seamlessly meet the daily production demands of our clientele. This motor operates with substantially greater efficiency than standard motors, presenting an ideal solution to fulfill our clients' requirements.

Electrical Parts

Harnessing the reliability of genuine Schneider components sourced directly from France, renowned for their unwavering stability, impressive durability, and prolonged lifespan.

Equipped with an original adaptive electrical box assembly from Estun, this system stands out with formidable anti-interference capabilities and steadfast electrical performance.


Uniquely crafted, our proprietary system intricately calculates compensation values by analyzing the complete deformation of both the ram and worktable. This meticulous approach guarantees a seamless alignment between the bed's deformation curve and the compensation curve, thereby ensuring a uniform and precise outcome in terms of product straightness and angle.

Punches & Dies

The selection of press brake punches and dies is a crucial topic to be discussed prior to placing an order. Any desired bending shape is achieved through the use of an appropriate set of punches and dies. We offer a range of suitable tooling options to accommodate diverse bending requirements of our customers.

Punches & Dies
DSP Laser Protection

DSP Laser Protection

The DSP Laser Protection system monitors the intensity and location of laser radiation in real time to ensure that any possible laser safety hazards can be detected in time when the press brake is running. Once the system detects that the laser radiation exceeds the safe range or there is an abnormality, the system will immediately trigger an automatic shutdown program.

LaserCheck Bending Angle Measurement

Experience unparalleled precision with the iMeasure Laser angle measurement system in collaboration with Data-M Engineering, ensuring accurate bend angles with just one operation. iMeasure stands as a fully automatic laser-assisted bend angle measurement system designed for CNC press brakes. Regardless of material properties or thickness, the LaserCheck feature guarantees precise bend angle determination with an unprecedented accuracy of better than 0.1°. This sets a new standard for precision in bending operations.


Sheet metal bending parameters calculator

Bending Force Calculation

How much force do you need to bend your piece?

Core Configuration

Design a stable body structure to improve mechanical stability, reduce vibration, and ensure accuracy and reliability during high-speed operation. Durmapress technology not only improves efficiency but also reduces material waste compared to traditional press brakes.

Our DP-ES Pro Max CNC Press Brake use advanced technology to ensure that each stress point is evenly distributed, achieving precision and stability during the material bending process. No matter how complex the shape, our equipment ensures that every point receives the appropriate force, providing superior quality and reliability for your production.

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About Durmapress' Factory

Durmapress specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling various metal processing equipment, including bending machines, shears, punches, laser cutting machines, etc. The company was founded in 2000. With years of experience and technology accumulation. DurmaPress has become one of the well-known brands in China's metal processing machinery industry.


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