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25 August 2020
How to choose the specifications and models of the press brake

The selection of the press brake model is mainly considered from the following factors:Workpiece: The first important item worth considering is the part you want to produce. The point is to buy a machine that can complete the processing task with the shortest worktable and the smallest tonnage. Care

used shearing machine.jpg
13 August 2020
What are the operating methods of the high-speed shearing machine?

Only after we have a clear understanding of the various parts of the CNC shearing machine can we operate better, then what is the structure of the CNC shearing machine? Let's explore the following: 1. The frame adopts steel structural parts, the left and right vertical plates, the workbench and the

press brake 3200x63t.jpg
13 August 2020
Five points when choosing CNC press brake

1. WorkpieceThe thing to consider is what the parts you want to produce are like, and the types of parts that are processed are different for different types of press brakes. There are many types, with very different functions and sizes. The key point is to consider the material grade and the proces

With no distractions and keep focus, we strive to improve our products, lead the way of innovation…
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