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shearing machine

durmapress swing shearing310T02

CNC Swing Beam Shearing Machine

QC12K with DELEM DAC310T Controller System

CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine

QC11K with DELEM DAC360T Controller System

Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

QC12Y with ESTUN E21S Controller System

Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

QC11Y with ESTUN E21S Controller System

Hydraulic Heavy Duty Guillotine Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Heavy Duty Guillotine Shearing Machine

with Estun E21S Or DELEM DAC360T Controller System

High-quality Hydraulic Shearing Machines manufacturer

The hydraulic shearing machine is a precision cutting tool designed for metalworking applications that require high quality cuts. It features a moving upper blade and a fixed lower blade, which work together to apply a shearing force that cuts through metal plates of various thicknesses. The machine is equipped with an automatic gap adjustment system, ensuring precise cuts with minimal material waste.

QC12K Series Swing Beam Shearing Machine

QC11K Series Guillotine Shearing Machine

optional control system



Adapted to all hydraulic shearing machine



Adapted to CNC Swing Beam Shearing Machine



Adapted to CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine

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Swing Beam Shearing Machine VS. Guillotine Shearing Machine

Hydraulic shearing machines are classified into two main types based on the motion of the upper blade: hydraulic swing beam shearing machines and hydraulic guillotine shearing machines.

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Prioritize safety with trained operators, proper PPE, and regular inspections. Maintain stability, clear communication, and focus for efficient, safe operation.

Shearing Machines are classified based on various factors:

  1. Upper Blade Movement Mode
  2. Power Principle
  3. Operation Mode

We mainly focus on Shearing Machine Controller,BackGauge Pneumatic Support,Material Feeder,Laser Protection System.

Our machine can cut metal sheets from 6mm to 20mm thick and are available in standard lengths from 2m to 6m. In case of special needs, we also offer machines with higher cutting capabilities.

Hydraulic ball screw gauges in CNC shears provide accurate and precise measurements, enhancing the overall cutting precision for various materials.

User-friendly CNC controls make the operation of CNC shears intuitive, allowing for efficient and easy control over cutting processes.

A shearing machine utilizes a moving blade, often operated hydraulically or mechanically, that moves across a stationary blade. The material to be cut is placed between the blades, and the moving blade applies a shearing force to produce a clean cut.

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