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cnc pipe bending machine

CNC Pipe Bending Machine

cnc pipe bending machine



Description of Main Components

Standard accessories for CNC Pipe Bending Machine

Machine Body

The fuselage is clamped once in steel after welding and processed by the CNC pentahedron machining center as a whole. The internal stress is eliminated by heat treatment and annealing to ensure extremely high rigidity and machining accuracy.

Bending mould

Utilizes specialized bending molds for shaping pipes with accuracy and consistency. Customizable molds to accommodate various pipe dimensions and bending requirements.

oil cooling system

Equipped with a oil cooling system to manage and regulate the temperature during operation. Enhances the overall performance and efficiency of the machine by preventing overheating.

servo motor

Provides high-precision position control, enabling precise bending and positioning. With high speed and acceleration, it can achieve fast movement.

Touch screen

User-friendly touch screen interface for seamless control and operation of the pipe bending machine. Intuitive controls and visual display for efficient programming and monitoring.

Random tool

Features a random tool set, providing versatility for different bending tasks.  Allows for a range of bending options and configurations to meet diverse production needs.

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Renowned Controllers

Utilizes renowned controllers (Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Delta) for stable performance.


Large CPU Storage

Features a large CPU storing 400 archives, with expandable storage via additional software and hard disk.


WINDOWS Industrial Computer

Equipped with a WINDOWS industrial computer for servo drive and archive management, allowing limitless editing on hard/soft disks.


Customizable Touch Screen Input

Touch screen input for customizing compensation value, speed, and demould clearance based on material.


Flexible Material Delivery

Allows direct/wrapped material delivery and automatic conversion of XYZ to YBC coordinates.


Efficient Tube Bending

Each tube elbow can have 5 action sequences and 10 speed sections, improving efficiency and reducing interference points.

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