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press brake

DP-Eco Servo Hydraulic Press Brake

DP-Eco Servo Hydraulic Press Brake

2 Axis:X, Y

It is an economical basic bending series that is easier to operate than a multi-axis bending machine. It can meet most simple bending processing needs, has a wide range of uses and relatively low maintenance costs. Working parameters can be quickly adjusted to adapt to the processing needs of different workpieces.

DP-ES Pro Servo CNC Press Brake 3~4+1 Axis

DP-ES Pro Servo CNC Press Brake

3~4+1 Axis: X, Y1, (Y2), R, V

The hydraulic unit adopts the oil circuit integrated hydraulic system, which reduces pipeline installation and has a beautiful and simple appearance. 8. The hydraulic components are selected from famous brand products to ensure the reliability and safety of the machine tool operation.

press brake

DP-ES Pro Servo CNC Press Brake

4~6+1 Axis: X, YI, (Y2), R, Z1, (Z2), V

This series offering a high-quality build and available in bending lengths from 2.5 to 6 meters, with bending forces ranging from 50 to 400 tons. This machine features a floor bending solution, a wide array of features and options, competitive pricing, and advanced control options such as the DELEM DA66T or Cybelec CybTouch 15PS 2D graphical controls. With its Y1/Y2 machine technology, it is the top choice for your bending needs.


DP-ES Pro Max CNC Press Brake

6~8+1 Axis: X1, (X2), YI, Y2, R, Z1, Z2, V

This series  has a sophisticated multi-axis control system that can achieve high-precision bending of complex workpieces. Each axis can be independently controlled and can complete a variety of complex bending tasks. Through a control system with a high degree of automation and easy operation, the production efficiency and processing quality are greatly improved. At the same time, it can reduce the tediousness of manual operations and reduce the risk of human errors. 


Tandem Press Brake

Optional multi-axis

Tandem press brakes are ideal for bending long parts or wide parts. The tandem system enables the two machines to be operated independently or together, delivering faster and better results than a conventional large press brake.

Tridem Press Brake

Tridem Press Brake

Optional multi-axis

Suitable for bending ultra-long plates. Combining three machines, it achieves a highly automated production process through advanced automation technology. Equipped with advanced CNC systems, which can achieve precise control of each bending station.

High-quality press brakes manufacturer

DURMAPRESS® press brakes are renowned for their precision, reliability, and efficiency in sheet metal bending operations. With a wide range of models available, DurmaPress press brakes cater to various bending needs, from small-scale workshops to large industrial production lines. Equipped with advanced features and controls, our press brakes ensure high-quality bends with ease of operation.

Controllers For NC Press Brake

Controllers For CNC Press Brake

Press Brake Application

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Press Brakes shape metal plates into parts with different bending angles. They consist of columns, a working table, and a crossbeam. Synchronized hydraulic cylinders move the slider up and down, pressing the upper punch against the lower die to bend the metal. The strength and rigidity of these components affect the machine's accuracy and lifespan.

There is some Important characteristics when you are Choosing  a Press Brakes

  1. Controller ( NC or CNC Press Brakes need the different Controller , Delem ,ESA , CybTouch Controller and NC Control made in China , all is optional , depends on customer burget and product requirement )
  2. Back gauge ( 2 axis , 3+1 axis , 4+1 axis , 5+1 axis ,6+1 axis ,8+1 axis and ect )
  3. Bending Angle Control( Manual Adjust by NC Press Brakes, Auto Adjustable by CNC Press Brakes)
  4. Toolings ( Every Set Machine will have Upper Punch *1 set , Down Die *1 set , also Engineer can customized Toolings according to customer special Products . Toolings catelog also ready , welcome to contact )
  5. Operator Safety Protection ( DSP Laser Protection & SDKELI Laser  Protection system for CE Standard , SDKELI Light Protection for economic solutions )
  6. Energy Consumption (Hydraulic Press Brakes , Electrical Press Brakes , The Hybrid Press Brakes with Servo Motor control)

The hydraulic automatic deflection Crowning mechanism of the workbench is composed of a group of oil cylinders installed in the workbench. The position and size of each Crowning oil cylinder are designed according to the deflection ram of the ram and the workbench finite element analysis. The hydraulic Crowning realizes the bulge Crowning of the neutral version through the relative displacement between the front, middle and back three verticalplates. The principle is that the bulge is realized through the elastic deformation of the steel plate itself, so the Crowning amount can be adjusted within the elastic range of the workbench.


Safety measures for laser machines typically include enclosed work areas, interlocks to prevent access during operation, and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for operators.

Press Brakes have two hydraulic cylinders at two sides of the press brake frame ,The three-auxiliary hydraulic cylinder in the middle of the machine is called Hydraulic Crowning .When the upper beam is down, the auxiliary cylinder is filled with liquid oil and goes down ward.During the bending process, hydraulic oil inlet into the auxiliary cylinder, so that the upper beam generate downward deflection for compensation.Install the auxiliary hydraulic cylinder in the lower part of the worktable.

During the bending process, it generates an upward force on the worktable, which forms the automatic crowning system.

The pressure compensation device is composed of several small oil cylinders,comprising an oil cylinder, a motherboard, an auxiliary plate and a pin shaft, and a  compensating cylinder is placed on the worktable.The pressure compensation system is formed with a proportional relief valve.

  1. Material ( Such as Mild Steel , Stainless Steel , Aluminum and ect )
  2. Thickness ( For example 4mm , 6mm and more )
  3. Working Length ( For example 12feet, 3100mm or 100inch and ect )
  4. The Material tensile strength (Such as 450Mpa , 350Mpa and ect)
  1. There is a big difference between Torsion Bar NC Hydraulic Press Brakes ( Manual Press Brakes outdated) and electro-hydraulic Servo CNC Press Brake machine, the former is the use of torsion axis connected to the left and right pendulum, etc., the formation of torsion axis forced synchronization mechanism on two synchronized hydraulic cylinders up and down movement to maintain synchronization; and the latter is the use of proportional electro-hydraulic servo valve and other hydraulic control systems and scale to form a closed-loop control. That is to say, the Torsion Bar NC Press Brake in the mechanical synchronization method, and Electro-hydraulic synchronization is a servo-proportional valve synchronization method.
  2. Compared to CNC Press Brake which computer controls .The body of the torsion bar NC Press Brake is machined with relatively low precision, so it is completely unable to meet the electro-hydraulic servo-proportional valve precision requirements.
  3. If you want to convert the Torsion Bar NC Press Brake into a CNC Press Brake machine must add proportional servo valve, scale, electro-hydraulic CNC Controller and possibly add precision backguage system; at the same time also remove the twisted shaft bending machine balance shaft, hydraulic valve ,hydraulic system and other components, not only a very large workload, but also will have a large operating costs. So if want to meet your future development of Business , Choose Best Press Brakes will be more brilight.
  1. Turn on the power, Turn on the key switch on the control panel, and then press the oil pump to start.
  2. Stroke adjustment, Press Brakes using must pay attention to adjust the stroke, before bending sheet metal must be testing. Press Brake Machine on the die down point to the bottom must ensure that there is a plate thickness gap. Otherwise Press Brake mould will be damaged  . The adjustment of the stroke is also an electric quick adjustment and manual fine-tuning.
  3. Bending Toolings ( Die ) V Size selection, generally to choose the plate thickness of 8 times the V-Size of the groove. Such as bending 4mm plate material, you need to choose about 32mm V-Die.
  4. Back gauge adjustment are generally CNC Control adjustment and manual adjustable.Back gauge Front and Back Called X axis , it can controlled by the NC and CNC Controllers.
  5. Press the foot switch to start bending, Press Brake and shearing machine is different, can be released at any time, release the foot Press Brake will stop, and then step on to continue down the line.According to the ordinary hydraulic Press Brake processing Q235 plate material to do a simple introduction

Press Brake Toolings Design depends on customer workpiece ,It  can divided as Punch Selection and Die Set Selection. The rules are as below :

Punching Selection :

  • When the small up-leg is longer than the bottom leg, you need a gooseneck punch.
  • When the small up-leg is shorter than the bottom leg, any punch shape will work.
  • When the small up-leg is equal to the bottom leg, you need an offset acute punch.

Die Selection:

Customer can use the normal rule 8×2 to save the burget.

  • First, determine the sheet metal range of metal thicknesses you want to bend. For example, you might need to bend material 2mm through V=16mm Die
  • Second, assess the smallest die Set needed by multiplying the thinnest metal by 8. In this case, 3mm material would need the smallest die, hence: 3 × 8 = 24mm, which The Die Set V size round up to 24mm.
  • Third, assess the largest Die Set V size needed by multiplying the thickest metal by 8. In this case, the thickest material of 6mm  would need the largest die: 6× 8 = 48mm.

You’ve now determined the smallest and largest die you need—2mm and 6mm. To fill in what you need in between, you start with the smallest V size and double its size. In this case, that gives you a 16mm die (2 × 8 = 4). 32mm , 48mm Multi-V Mould .

If Your part doesn’t need a short flange, a narrow offset, or a tight radius, why complicate matters? Follow these three simple rules and you’ll improve angular performance, shorten setup time, and reduce tool operating costs.

Also Durmapress Engineer can design the special Toolings according to customer product request , so you just contact us and send your products drawings is ok .

What is Press Brake Safety 

It can divided to Laser Safety and Light Safety .

-The Press Brake Laser Sentry system is a Bending-edge safety device, a Presence Sensing Device (PSD) featuring laser guides that ensure the safety of a press brake operator while employing the precision of lasers directly surrounding the die. If a foreign object is detected, the laser technology will immediately retract the die and stop the Press Brake Machine.

-The Press Brake Light Safety consists of a transmitter, a receiver, a mounting bracket and a controller .There is no impact on the production of the Press Brake machine and if a worker's finger enters the protected area, it will block the beam and the Press Brake machine will then stop immediately, effectively preventing finger crushing accidents.

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