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Industry 4.0

key points of Industry 4.0

The control system of a bending machine can be connected to various Industry 4.0 technologies and platforms to digitize, smarten and automate the production process. Here are some common control systems and technologies that can be connected to Industry 4.0


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Industry 4.0 in press brake

DELEM DA series control system: DELEM is a professional CNC system manufacturer whose control system supports integration with Industry 4.0 technology. DELEM DA series control systems provide advanced functions such as remote monitoring, data collection and analysis, intelligent diagnosis, etc.

Cybelec Control System: Cybelec is another leading CNC system manufacturer, and its control system also has the ability to integrate with Industry 4.0 platforms. The Cybelec control system provides advanced digital and intelligent functions that can be used to optimize production processes.

ESA control system: ESA control system is widely used in bending machines and has powerful digital and network functions. It supports remote monitoring, real-time data analysis and production process optimization.

Siemens SINUMERIK control system: Siemens' SINUMERIK CNC system is a highly flexible and customizable control system that can be integrated with Industry 4.0 technology to realize digital manufacturing.

Using the OPC UA protocol, the bending machine enables efficient data exchange and sharing with other Industry 4.0 devices and platforms, facilitating collaboration and optimization of production processes.

By connecting to an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, the bending machine realizes connectivity with the cloud to support remote monitoring, big data analysis and predictive maintenance. Well-known IoT platforms such as Microsoft Azure IoT and IBM Watson IoT provide a reliable infrastructure to help bending machines realize smarter and more efficient production management.

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