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American Precision tooling1

Introduction to Press Brake Tooling Types

When choosing a press brake, the first step is to ensure that the fixture is accurate. Precision fixtures simplify the process by requiring little or no additional adjustment during setup. High-precision fixturing improves bending quality, reduces errors and ensures consistent results every time.

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Laser Cutting Kerf2

Fiber Laser Cutting: What Is the Laser Cutting Kerf?

In fiber laser cutting, it is important to understand the concept of laser cutting kerf. This summary discusses factors that influence kerf size and properties, including laser power, cutting speed, material properties, and assist gas. The importance of controlling and optimizing the kerf is highlighted to improve cutting accuracy, efficiency, and material utilization. This summary sheds light on laser cutting kerfs and provides insights to maximize the capabilities of fiber laser cutting technology in industrial applications.

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Customer Visit

Durmapress Iraqi Visitors Secures Two Hydraulic Press Brake

Durmapress recently had the privilege of hosting clients from Iraq. This distinguished guest, who traveled a great distance, exhibited a keen interest in our press brake products. Following in-depth discussions and understanding, the client expressed approval of the alignment between our products and their company's needs, ultimately deciding to purchase two hydraulic press brakes.

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