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User Friendly Durmapress Panel Bender, with its easy to use interface and programming software it will be your partner for all sorts of solutions.

The answer to multiple applications. Semi-automatic bending solution for simple, flexible and accessible production

panel bender

Press Type Panel Bender

The pressure arm design is adopted, and the maximum bending size can reach 2500mm x 1250mm. The fastest bending speed can reach 0.2 seconds/bend.

  1. Model: PBE
  2. Controller: Independent R&D
  3. Capabilities: 3mm*2500mm
  4. 13-axis

panel bender 2

Unlimited Bending

Its universal tool concept, along with the possibility of changing customized shaped tools, make the PBE machine the all-in-one highly versatile solution, allowing the manufacturing of a wide range of bending applications. The universal tooling can make both UP and DOWN bending process, without switching surface of the sheet.

It can also make HEM bending and big ARC bending automatically. Achieving this type of bendings brings ADDED VALUE to the final part.


- The main body of servo electric panel bender is welded with high strength steel plate.

- Stable structure and long service life.

- Heat treatment to remove internal stress.

- Strong rigidity, heavy tonnage, ensure long-term stability of machine tool accuracy.

- Improve the bending accuracy, reliability and durability of the machine tool.

The multilateral bending center does not need to change the mold, the working stroke is short, and the feed is fast.
Comprehensive efficiency is 3 to 4 times that of manual bending machine.
According to the bending process, it can be automatically folded up and down, so as to realize the bending of arcs, dead edges, and various angles.
Highly intelligent operation control system, which can efficiently bend different workpieces.
Energy saving and consumption reduction, reducing labor and mold costs.

Why Choose Us

Some of the key points listed below are your reasons for choosing us.


Excellent bending quality thanks to the corner correction database and servo-electric technology


Suitable for bending various types of pieces.


The additional monitor and barcode or QR reader all support the operator in machine interaction.


3D programming with integrated simulation of the bending cycle.

Durmapress’s Fast Bend is an intermediate product between the traditional press brake machine and the automatic panel bender. It allows the automatic creation of multiple bends for each side, including positive / negative inversion, flattened and radius bends; only the loading, rotation and unloading operations are manual. The traditional concept of panel bender manipulators is replaced here with a suction cup feeder to expand the range of bending products. Fast Bend offers a quick and efficient response to an ever-increasing demand for the reduction in the quantity of pieces of the production batch, combining the simplicity of use of a compact model with a limited expense.

Perfectly equipped for sensitive bending Energy efficient solutions

The Panel bender with its easy to use control units, rigid body frame, perfect design, high efficiency, multiple tool usage solutions for Automatic bending,

  • Compact Solution
  • 100% Full Servo-Electric System
  • Electrical Energy Savings
  • Regular Production
  • Independent From the Operator

Features Of Panel Bender

Cast Iron Frame panel bender

Cast Iron Frame

The frame adopts a high-precision temperature control furnace, carries out the regenerative heat treatment process according to the corresponding temperature curve of the material, and then carries out the full frequency vibration aging treatment for a sufficient time to completely release the internal stress, ensure the invariance of long-term use and ensure the stability of the comprehensive accuracy of the system.

Panel Bending Blade

The upper knife and the lower knife work together at the same time so that various shapes can be folded.

Auxiliary blades, modular in length, available in a positive version, for making upward tabs. They engage and disengage between the sheet metal and the blades, quickly and automatically, to make bends that are shorter than the whole sheet length. The auxiliary blades are set up manually.

Flexible Tools

Upper and lower blade, counterblade and blankholder are the four universal tools used to process the whole range of thicknesses and machinable materials, from 0.4 to 3.2 mm. The materials are processed during the cycle and without machine down times or manual re-tooling.

The upper and lower blades (A, D) are the two tools featuring interpolated controlled movement and responsible for bending.

The automatic ABA blankholder (B) works simultaneously with the blades and counterblade to bend and clamp the sheet. It adapts the tool length according to the size of the part, without machine down times or manual re-tooling. The tool profile allows inward bends up to 45 mm.

The counterblade (C) helps clamp the sheet during the cycle.

Bending Workpiece

Applicable to a variety of materials, mainly stainless steel, cold-rolled plate and aluminum plate.

Flexible automation and lean manufacturing.

Bending on each side of the sheet is achieved thanks to the controlled interpolated movements of the blades. The DURMAPRESS PBE Series can easily perform down bends (negative), up bends (positive), and flattened bends (with blade).

*Finish complex parts in one set up


Watch video below to learn more details.

Advantages and differences:

- Flexible automatic panel bending center can work independently and efficiently produce various specifications of parts.

- The universal mold can be adjusted automatically according to the size set by the program without any adjustment time, which ensures the safety of operators and the quality of products.

- The positioning process is only performed once at the beginning. From the beginning of the cycle to the completion of machining, the bending plate and the rotating structure remain unchanged. 0.01 degree resolution ensures high production and flexibility.

  • Energy saving

Compared with hydraulic solutions, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 64%.

  • Extremely low maintenance cost

Compared with traditional hydraulic benders, the maintenance cost is 65% lower.

  • Higher productivity

Productivity can be maximized without skilled operators.

Compared with manual bending machine and manipulator bending machine, it has higher productivity and faster programming efficiency.

  • Higher precision and quality

Excellent bending machine precision and surface quality and high repeatability.

  • Protection of operators

The parts to be processed are transferred from the external worktable to ensure the safety of the operator.

Technical Specifications

If you want to know more detailed parameters, please contact us.

Max. Bending Lengthmm14002000
Max. Sheet Widthmm14001500
Max. Bending Heightmm170170
Min. Workpiece Size (four sides bending)mm110x200110x200
Min.Workpiece Size (single side bending)mm110110
Min. Radiusmm1.21.2
Bending Angle°±180±180
Max. Bending SpeedS/bending0.50.5
Min. Sheet Thicknessmm0.350.35
Max. Sheet ThicknessSSmm1.0 1.0
Full PowerKW3645
Working VoltageV380V±10%380V±10%
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