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DP-Hydrid Euro Servo CNC Press Brake 01

DP-ES Servo 3~4+1 Axis CNC Press Brake

DP-Hydrid Euro Servo CNC Press Brake 01


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Standard Component

Press Brakes CNC Control System


The DA-50Touch series provides modern compact and versatile solutions for a wide range of press brake applications without compromising machine functionality.


OPTIONAL Component

Press Brakes CNC Control System

Customize The Controller For Your DP-ES Series 

ESA S630

ESA S630

The most powerful in its class 10’ touch screen with powerful graphic All the performances of a high-level cnc in an economical and user-friendly controller.


CybTouch 8

CybTouch 8 PS is intended specifically for synchronized press-brakes.As part of the CybTouch range, it has an intuitive and vivid color touch screen and a high integration of functions.

STANDARD Component

Other Components

Every part can ensure a long service life and reduce production costs.

Machine Frame

Durmapress press brakes feature a robust mono-block frame made from high yield steel, ensuring enduring accuracy and reliability. Each frame is tempered and backed by a 15-year warranty.

CNC control System

The standard DELEM DA53T CNC control system is convenient for operators and is most suitable for our DP-ES Servo series press brakes.


We use Taiwan PMI ball screw and linear guide for X-axis precision, ensuring higher accuracy than rod-based systems. The backgauge, controlled by a servo motor with a timing belt & wheel mechanism, offers precise positioning.

electrical carbinet

Harnessing the reliability of genuine Schneider components sourced directly from France, renowned for their unwavering stability, impressive durability, and prolonged lifespan.

Side Fast Clamp

Revolutionize your production efficiency with the ability to seamlessly interchange top punches. Streamlining your workflow, this feature ensures a swift and efficient process when adapting to diverse bending requirements. 


We present a Siemens energy-efficient motor from Germany, designed to seamlessly meet the daily production demands of our clientele. This motor operates with substantially greater efficiency than standard motors, presenting an ideal solution to fulfill our clients' requirements.

stop finger

By accurately controlling the stop position of the workpiece, it ensures that the processing position and size of each workpiece are consistent. At the same time, the position and height of the Stopper Finger can be adjusted as needed to adapt to the processing of workpieces of different sizes and shapes.

Front Supporter

The front supporter of the press brake plays a role in supporting and positioning the workpiece during the bending process. It has the following advantages: improves the stability of the workpiece and reduces the possibility of deformation and displacement; improves processing accuracy.

OPTIONAL Component

Other Components

Top-Quality Accessories from Leading International Brands


To ensure accurate and consistent bend angles across the length of the workpiece, regardless of material thickness, reducing scrap and improving efficiency. It enhances the press brake's versatility by compensating for die deflection, ensuring that the final product meets desired specifications with precise bending angles. This adjustment of the bed's shape counters die deflection, ensuring accurate bends as per specifications.

European Type Sectioned 4V Die & Punch

Its segmented design allows for easy customization and adjustment, ensuring precise bending of various profiles. The high-quality materials used in construction make them durable and capable of withstanding high-pressure bending operations. Additionally, the sectional design enables quick changeovers between different bending requirements, reducing downtime and offering long-term cost savings.

LaserCheck Bending Angle Measurement

Experience unparalleled precision with the iMeasure Laser angle measurement system in collaboration with Data-M Engineering, ensuring accurate bend angles with just one operation.

DSP Laser Protection

The DSP Laser Protection system monitors the intensity and location of laser radiation in real time to ensure that any possible laser safety hazards can be detected in time when the press brake is running. 

CNC Controlled Sheet Followers

The latest followers for sheet metal bending aim to optimize the performances of our press brakes by reducing the time to set up the press brake and simplifying the work of operators. These bending aids provide operators with valuable practical assistance.

wila tool holders

We use WILA's innovative technologies, including Safety-Click®, Smart Tool Locator® and the E2M® replacement system for (heavy-duty) tools, to enhance the safety and convenience of replacement. Precision and ergonomics are carefully tailored for maximum productivity from all tools.

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Structural Features of Hydraulic Cylinders

Our hydraulic cylinders are made of high-quality alloy steel for durability and reliability.

  • Two-way Cartridge Valve: Diameter Dg16-Dg160, flow range 63 L/min-15000L/min.
  • Liquid Filling Valve: Diameter Dg40-Dg400, flow range 300L/min-35000L/min.
  • Traditional Plate Slide Valves: Include relief valve, sequence valve, one-way valve, solenoid directional valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, throttle valve, flow control valve.

Why Choose DP-ES Servo Series?



DP-ES Pro Servo introduce a cost-effective compact CNC press brake that offers a myriad of features and options.


Optional System

Experience competitive pricing paired with cutting-edge DELEM DA53T 2D graphical controls or Cybelec CybTouch 8PS.


4+1 Axis Control

The DP-ES Pro Servo Series stands out as the top choice for Y1/Y2 machine technology.

durmapree factory

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Manufacturer of cutting-edge metal processing equipment

durmapree factory

bending parameters calculator

How much force do you need to bend your piece

Bending Force Calculation

How much force do you need to bend your piece?

Equip standard industry 4.0

ERP System

Manufacturing Execution System

durmapree technology

Core Configuration

Design a stable body structure to improve mechanical stability, reduce vibration, and ensure accuracy and reliability during high-speed operation. Durmapress technology not only improves efficiency but also reduces material waste compared to traditional press brakes.

Our Press Brake use advanced technology to ensure that each stress point is evenly distributed, achieving precision and stability during the material bending process. No matter how complex the shape, our equipment ensures that every point receives the appropriate force, providing superior quality and reliability for your production.

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