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laser welding machine

Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Handheld Fiber Laser


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The machine's robust body structure, constructed from high-quality metal plates, not only ensures its durability but also extends the overall service life, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for various industrial applications.

Handheld Cleaning Head

The machine features a copper front positioning head, telescopic focusing head, and rear protective tube sleeve for safety. It offers touch switch control, optional swing range, and can bear up to 1.5kg. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip.

Auto Wire feeder

The Auto Wire Feeder in welding machines enhances productivity with continuous wire supply, simplifies operation for various welding needs, improves welding quality, reduces waste, and enhances safety by minimizing manual intervention.

Laser Source

The laser has a lifespan of over 10 years and boasts low energy consumption and a low failure rate, making it the most economical choice for home designers. It features a flexible optical fiber ranging from 5-20m and a rigid protective layer, enabling outdoor welding without air pollution concerns.

Operation Controller

Enjoy a lifetime of software upgrade service, in the stipulated warranty scope, qilin laser to fulfill the promise of warranty service.It is strictly prohibited to disassemble or repair this product by personnel other than our company without permission. In case of any damage caused by the above factors, our company will not provide any free warranty service.

Water Chiller

Dual temperature control mode with versatile settings and fault display functions. Equipped with an ion adsorption filter and detection, compressor delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow alarm, and ultra-high/low-temperature alarm for enhanced performance and safety.

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Laser cleaning effect

Cleaning ability

Metalsurface rust removal, Surfacepaint removal and paint treatment, Surfaceoil, stains, dirt cleaning, Surfacecoating, clear coating, Weldingsurface / spray surface pretreatment, Stonesurface dust and attachment removal, Rubbermold residue cleaning.

Why Choose Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine?


Adjustable Pulse Width

Laser with adjustable pulse width for expanded short pulse and high peak power applications.


Ultra-Compact Design

Ultra-compact output designed for laser cleaning, featuring a handheld and lightweight design.


Specialized Control System

Supports laser cleaning with a specialized control system and wireless remote controller for simple operation.


Superior Parameters

Key laser parameters exceed industry standards, offering higher pulse energy for diverse applications.


Modular Design

Modular design for medium and high power ensures higher reliability and stability.



Customizable services available for power, waveform, brightness, cable length, and more.


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