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Here we share industry news and more about metal processing solutions as well as answers to some questions about our products

American Precision tooling1

Introduction to Press Brake Tooling Types

When choosing a press brake, the first step is to ensure that the fixture is accurate. Precision fixtures simplify the process by requiring little or no additional adjustment during setup. High-precision fixturing improves bending quality, reduces errors and ensures consistent results every time.

Laser Cutting Kerf2

Fiber Laser Cutting: What Is the Laser Cutting Kerf?

In fiber laser cutting, it is important to understand the concept of laser cutting kerf. This summary discusses factors that influence kerf size and properties, including laser power, cutting speed, material properties, and assist gas. The importance of controlling and optimizing the kerf is highlighted to improve cutting accuracy, efficiency, and material utilization. This summary sheds light on laser cutting kerfs and provides insights to maximize the capabilities of fiber laser cutting technology in industrial applications.


A Brief Discussion on the Development of Press Brake

With the vigorous development of modern science and technology and the rapid advancement of industrial technology, CNC press brakes are increasingly being used in modern production, and their development is becoming more mature. This paper briefly introduces the development of press brakes and briefly explains the principle of press brakes.

Molding die

The Essential Guide to Press Brake Dies: Types and Uses

Metalworking dies play a crucial role in industrial production. They are indispensable tools in the manufacturing process and find widespread applications in various fields such as automotive, electronics, aerospace, and more. The design, manufacturing, and application level of dies directly affect product quality and production efficiency. Therefore, in-depth research and exploration of the diversified applications of metalworking dies are highly important.

Wila Hydraulic Clamping System

Choosing The Right Hydraulic Clamping For Your Press Brake: Factors To Consider

This article discusses various factors to consider when selecting the appropriate hydraulic clamping system for your press brake. Hydraulic clamping plays a crucial role in the bending process, impacting processing efficiency, accuracy, and safety. The article emphasizes key factors influencing selection, including clamping force, clamping method, ease of operation, compatibility with the press brake, and cost-effectiveness. By carefully evaluating these factors, manufacturers can ensure optimal performance and productivity in their metal bending operations.

no-die metal work

Why Choose LaserCheck for Accurate Bending Angle Measurement System

LaserCheck offers precise and efficient angle measurement for industrial applications, ensuring product quality across sectors like mechanical engineering and automotive production. Utilizing advanced laser technology, it simplifies operations while maintaining high precision, enhancing efficiency, and reducing costs. With its versatility and durability, LaserCheck is a vital tool for improving production processes and competitiveness in various industries.

system how to work

Hybrid Servo Press Brakes: Key Features & Advantages

In industrial production, Hybrid Servo Press Brakes are widely used in braking applications that require high precision, high efficiency and high reliability. For example, in metal processing, stamping, bending and other processes, the brakes can provide stable and controllable braking force to ensure the accuracy and quality of workpieces during processing. In addition, in automated production lines, robotic systems and other advanced manufacturing fields, Hybrid Servo Press Brakes also play an important role, providing a strong guarantee for the fast and accurate braking of production equipment.

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