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Here we share industry news and more about metal processing solutions as well as answers to some questions about our products

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Why Choose LaserCheck for Accurate Bending Angle Measurement System

LaserCheck offers precise and efficient angle measurement for industrial applications, ensuring product quality across sectors like mechanical engineering and automotive production. Utilizing advanced laser technology, it simplifies operations while maintaining high precision, enhancing efficiency, and reducing costs. With its versatility and durability, LaserCheck is a vital tool for improving production processes and competitiveness in various industries.

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Hybrid Servo Press Brakes: Key Features & Advantages

In industrial production, Hybrid Servo Press Brakes are widely used in braking applications that require high precision, high efficiency and high reliability. For example, in metal processing, stamping, bending and other processes, the brakes can provide stable and controllable braking force to ensure the accuracy and quality of workpieces during processing. In addition, in automated production lines, robotic systems and other advanced manufacturing fields, Hybrid Servo Press Brakes also play an important role, providing a strong guarantee for the fast and accurate braking of production equipment.

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Comparing Electric and Hydraulic Press Brakes: Which Is Right for You?

When discussing press brakes, two types often come into play: the electric press brake and the hydraulic press brake. These machines have distinct differences in principles, performance, and applicable scenarios. It's necessary to carefully consider their characteristics and advantages when choosing the appropriate press brake.


Exploring the Power of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines: A Guide to 1000KW to 3000W Models

Laser cutting machines play a very important role in modern production, especially in manufacturing and industrial production, significantly improving cutting efficiency. This paper focuses on the importance of laser cutting machines in production, with a specific focus on four types: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 2500W , all powered by a medium power continuous fiber laser.

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What is the difference between a Press Brake and Panel Bender?

This article discusses two common metal fabrication machines, the Press Brake and the Panel Bender, comparing their pros and cons to help readers choose the machine that best suits their needs. Firstly, it introduces the Press Brake, which is suitable for processing metal sheets of various thicknesses and materials, capable of intricate bending work. Next, the article discusses the Panel Bender, which is efficient in handling large panels and can automatically adjust workflows to enhance production efficiency. Lastly, the article summarizes the differences between the two, including their applications, costs, and maintenance requirements, to enable readers to make informed decisions when choosing between the two machines.

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A Comprehensive Guide to the 3200 Press Brake: Features, Benefits, and Applications

The 3200 Press Brake is renowned for its versatility in metalworking tasks, from delicate components to large parts. Its ample table size boosts productivity, accommodating various workpieces. With flexible configurations and a range of tools, including bending, drawing, and punching capabilities, it supports industries like aerospace and construction, advancing metal processing.

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