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3 roller plate rolling machine

General Features

Three roller rolling machine can roll the work-piece in a wide range, such as aluminum composite panel, pure aluminum plate, stainless steel board and steel bar. With the help of auxiliary equipment, this kind of plate roller machine can roll arc work-piece. This 3-roll plate bending machine is the most innovative machine in the market. It is especially suitable for the heavy loading work of rolling thickness bar. Three roller plate rolling machine can also roll very thick plates by increasing the distance between the lower side rollers.

  • Compared with bronze bushings, spherical roller bearings of this three roller rolling machine can reduce friction and save 25% to 30% available energy.


  • The roll maintains a mechanical parallelism through our exclusive torsion bar system. It allows three roller plate bending machine to be adjusted to its full conical tilt.


  • All three rolls are independently driven by planetary gear drives. This can eliminate complicated transmission systems that are not energy efficient.

W11 Series Rolling Machine Features

  • Streamlined designe originated from EU , the use o the overall fram welding an annealing treatment 
  • Three-roller symmetric structure : driven by screw lever and turbine worm ,the upper roller moves in vertical direction in the center symmetrical position betwee the lower two rollers : As the main drive roller for rotary motion ,two lower rollers are engaged with the output gear of the reducer to provide torque for rolling plate . The machine is compact , easy operation and maintenance ; besides ,the roller is suitable for installation of profile dies for easy rolling of various profiles .
  • Easy-to-use removable console 
  • Two sets of digital output for easy positioning of two lower rollrs . 
  • Induction hardened forged rollers or high strength work rollers with SAE 1050 quality certficate . 
  • Upper roller lifting motion principle : auxiliary motor and auxiliary reducer drive the worm and turbine underlateral bearing seats to move , consequently rotate the screw nut on the turbine to lift screw lever . 
  • Unloading device : when finishing rollig work , the upper roller rises up , the pull rd on the end of upper roller holding the roller , then disconnects the left bearin seat namely tiltable bearing seat ad extracts thepin shaft , turnover the tiltable bearing seat , finally , the finished ferrule will b released from the other end of the upper roller .


Standard equipment:

  • Linear guides for roll movement (RGS)
  • 4 independent bearings supporting the lower rolls (MCS)
  • Bearing seats with double width (WHS)
  • Electronic synchronisation of roll parallelism (EPS)
  • Induction hardened and polished rolls
  • Digital readouts for roll position
  • 3 independent motor-driven rolls
  • Mobile wheel mounted control console
  • Conical device
  • Centralised manual lubrication (pump)
  • Emergency barrier around the machine
  • CE certified machine

Optional features:

  • Profile section bending rings
  • Numerical controls
  • Version with vertical rolls
  • Version with corrugated rolls
  • Central and side supports
  • Machine ready for hot rolling
  • Version with planetary guides (3HEP)
  • Special colours

Overall Welding

 Machine stronger welding structure , high precision and more peacefully color design and comfortable usage Referring to man-machine engineering design

42CrMo Alloy Steel Work Roller

  • Upper roller likes drum with collaboration of carrier roller permit continual bending of any thickness of plate
  • Bottom roller and lateral roller driven by hydraulic oil tank

Punching station

The large punch bed area has a removable front block and is designed to give a very wide range of punching applications. A punch table with rules and guides for repetition work are fitted as the standard machine.

Controller System

Special bending aircraft , numberical control l HMI ( Human machine interface ) Intelligent operation l Self-compensation , single operate , high efficiency , safe and convenient l Many models for choice , economic numberical control model , TC Computerized numberical control .


3 Roller Bending Machine

The 3 roll plate bending machines of the 3HEL series are suitable to bend plates with length from 1500 to 4000 mm and thickness between 3 and 30 mm. For added versatility of use, it is possible to extend the roll shafts for fitting profile bending or tube bending rings.

W11 Series Rolling Machine Technical Data

Max. Rolling Thickness<450N/mm244666888101212121616162020253030
Max. Rolling Width (mm)20004000150020003000150020002500300020002500300020002500300020002500250025003000
Min. Rolling Width (N/mm)200200200212.5212.5212.5225300350300325350325325425350350462.5525187.5
Yield Limit Diameter (N/mm2)245245245245245245245245245245245245245245245245245245245245
Rolling Speed (m/min)555554.54.54.544.54544.54.54W4444
Upper Roller Diameter (mm)160160160170170170180240280240260280260280340280340370420500
Lower Roller Diameter (mm)150150150160160160170180240180220240220240270240270280360390
Lower Roller Center Distance (mm)200200220220220220250280360280320360320360440360440480550600
Main Motor Power (KW)45.545.
Length (mm)35004800300035004200300035004350385039004300385038504500570040004700578052805700
Width (mm)9501200750900900900850950125012001285125012501600160014501530165017501750
Height (mm)12001600120012501250115011501250130013501400130013001450175014501680198020702300
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