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BS3015E 2000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Machine Details

Model : BS3015E

Laser Power : 2000W

Pipe Dia. : 220mm

Pipe Length : 6 meters

Laser Source : JPT

Laser Head : WSX

Square tube wall thickness : 20mm

Tube Diameter : 220mm

Nozzle :25 pieces

Protective Lenses :30 pieces

Focus Lenses : 2 pieces

Ceramic Rings : 3 pieces

About Story

we get the inquiry from Australia customer  about the BS3015E 2000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.leon, the salesperson, was very enthusiastic to tell the customer the details of the machine and the after-sales problem.The freight before the year is expensive, so it is recommended to ship after the year.The customer has listened to our advice, the quality of the machine is good, and they will choose to cooperate again.

Delivery Out

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