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CNC Turret Punch Machine

General Features

The servo motor direct-drive main drive is adopted, whichretains the advantages of mechanical main drive structurewhich are simple, mature and reliable , and at the same timehas better characteristics than hydraulic main drive.
Can realize various processes such as punching, forming,
rolling, lettering, etc.
All-electric servo intelligent punch headGermany Rexroth guide screw
German Rexroth CNC system

The perfect CNC turret punching machine

The servo motor direct drive main drive is adopted, which retains the advantages of simple, mature and reliable mechanical main drive structure. At the same time, it has better characteristics than hydraulic main drive, with remarkable features and powerful functions.

  1. Various processes such as punching, forming, rolling and lettering can be realized

  2, all-electric servo intelligent striking head

  3, Germany Litu Le guide screw

  4, German Rexroth CNC system


Standard equipment:

  • High speed servo-controlled punching head
  • 6 axis CNC TPC69T Graphics touch screen control with graphical programming
  • 4 Repositioning cylinders (2 upper, 2 lower)
  • 3 Hydraulic sheet clamps
  • 4 Vibration dampers
  • 12 or 20 tool stations complete with tool holders
  • Slug suction device
  • Part chute door 300x470mm
  • Quick tool set for tool alignment
  • CE optical safety light
  • Automatic oil spray machine
  • CE certified machine

Main Components

Machine Body

The body adopt integrated fuselage, widened design, disposable welding, tempering, disposable forming.

Durmapress Controller (Optional Siemens)

The system can automatically search, to select the most suitable tool to processing, and display stamping time, processing capacity, die life (punches), etc.

Ball Screw & Linear

Carriage and beam integrated design, accurate positioning, moving more smoothly, to eliminate the X, Y-axis dynamic offset case.

Turret Structure

The turret is made of 40Cr, completed in large processing center; using Germany mosaic roulette.

Seamless Worktable

Seamless worktable design, when the plate moved, it can avoid the plate and the worktable make a collision, guide rail, ball screw dust-proof protection.


StationTool size16 stations24 Stations32 Stations
AΦ1.5 - Φ12.761216
BΦ12.7 - Φ31.76812
CΦ31.7 - Φ50.8222
DΦ50.8 - Φ88.9222

Product Introduction Video

CNC Turret Punching Machine

  • This machine is reliable and effective. The parallelism of the side rolls is controlled by a torsion bar system that connects to both ends of the side roll, eliminating the disadvantage of extra encoders and special hydraulic balancing valves. The two central rolls are driven by hydraulic motors and high efficiency planetary gearboxes coupled directly on the rolls. The MG solution, with rolls assembled on sealed bearings and without secondary components, reduces the dispersions of the applied force generated by the frictions of the various components (typical in synchronization systems used in other bending machines).
1Press CapacityTons30
2Frame ConstructionO-Frame
3Max. Sheet Size (with one reposition)mm1500x5000
4Max. Sheet Thicknessmm<6
5Max. Hole DiametermmΦ88.9
7Max. Hit Ratehpm280 (30mm pitch)
8Max. Feed Ratem/min80
9Clamps No.pcs3
10Re-positioning Cylinderset2
11No. of Stationspcs16 (6A/6B/2C/2D )
12Turret Rotating Speedrpm30
13Turret PositioningDouble cylinder positioning
14Air Pressurempa0.6
15Die FormMosaic turret, Long guide tool
16Punching Accuracymm±0.10
17No. of Controlling Axispcs3(X/Y/T)
18Total Powerkw14
19Average Power Consumptionkwh<2
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