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HYDRAULIC Heavy Duty Guillotine Shears

General Features

  • The entire EU streamlined design, heat treatment frame, high rigidity workbench, optional mechanical
  • compensation device for precise bending.
  • Hydraulic synchronization control and Estun NC programmable logic controller ensure precise repeatability
  • and ease of use.
  • The integrated hydraulic system (Bosch Rexroth, Germany) can quickly and automatically switch to a slow bend.
  • The X-axis and Y-axis are programmed by the NC E21 system to achieve accurate positioning of the inverter.
  • Advanced variable frequency hydraulic control technology, with more stable, and more reliable operation.
  • The optimal parameter ratio and optimal core configuration ensure stable performance and convenient operation.
  • WC67K series press brake equipped with standard single-axis backgauge system (X-axis) and single-axis bending
  • angle system (Y-axis), you can choose to add V-axis compensation function, and select the appropriate mold to
  • easily bend the workpiece with complex shapes.

E21 NC Controller From ESTUN

Controller Data

  • ESTUN E21 is a simple NC control system designed to replace ESTUN E200 with lower price.
  • ESTUN is jointed company by HOLLAND DELEM AND CHINA ESTUN
  • ESTUN E21can control X axis working into position accurately
  • ESTUN E21 will work better accompany with FREQUENCY
  • FREQUENCY TRANSFORMER is not the standard components, optional.
  • Can program the software for future usage and has memory
  • Can set up different steps in one program
  • Timer can control the bending time
  • Control X/Y two axis
  • The operation manual is available
  • The install manual is available

Heavy Duty Shearing Machine Working Video

Check out the technical data sheet and machine details in our brochure

1. The machine adopts a split installation structure, which has sufficient strength and rigidity. The internal stress is eliminated through high-temperature annealing to ensure the overall accuracy of the machine.
2. Adopt German large floor boring and milling machine, and use one-time processing method for precision processing to ensure processing accuracy.
3. Hydraulic brake structure.
4. The hydraulic system adopts an integral logic circuit, controlled by a sequence valve, with smooth movement, low noise and simple maintenance.
5. Using domestic famous brand hydraulic valve to control the movement of the knife board and down.
6. The pressing device adopts an integrated circuit and independent parallel pressing cylinders, and the pressing device is equipped with rubber pads. When the sheet is not flat, it can be freely stretched and compressed on the sheet, and the pressing force can also be adjusted according to the material of the sheet. And the thickness can be adjusted automatically without damaging the board surface.


Angle station

This station provides large capacity angle cutting at 90° and 45°. Angles between 45° and 90° can be achieved by first cutting at 90° and then flange trimming to the required angle in the shearing station.

Shearing station

The shearing unit is fitted with a simple robust holddown which is adjustable to any thickness of material within the cutting capacity of the machine. The shear feed table with adjustable guides is fitted to allow accurate feeding of materials. The guide can be adjusted to allow miter cutting up to 45° for flat bars or to trim the flanges of angle.

Punching station

The large punch bed area has a removable front block and is designed to give a very wide range of punching applications. A punch table with rules and guides for repetition work are fitted as the standard machine.


Technical DATA

Seri-al NO. Name Unit 6x32006x40008x25008x32008x40008x600012x250012x320012x400012x600016x250016x320016x400016x600020x320020x6000
1Max. Cutting Thickness mm66888812121212161616162020
2Max.Cutting Length mm3200400025003200400060002500320040006000250032004000600032006000
3Strength of sheared plate N/m㎡450450450450450450450450450450450450450450450450
4Cutting Angle °0.5-2.50.5-2.50.5-1.50.5-2.00.5-2.00.5-2.50.5-2.00.5-2.00.5-2.00.5-3.00.5-2.50.5-2.00.5-2.00.5-3.50.5-3.50.5-3.5
5Number of strokesHits/min6/126/126/126/126/125/86/106/106/106/108/126/108/124/85/85/8
6Length of Cutter Blade(A)mm3300410026003300330061502600330041006150260033004500615061506150
7Height of working table above the ground (C)mm10-75010-75010-70010-70010-75010-75010-75010-75010-75010-75010-75010-75010-75010-75010-75010-750
8Backgauge Range of X Axis mm10-80010-80010-80010-80010-80010-80010-80010-60010-60010-80010-80010-80010-80010-80010-80010-800
9Main MotorTypeY132M-4/(B35)Y132M-4/(B35)Y132M-4/(B35)Y132M-4/(B35)Y160M-4/(B35)Y180M-4(B35)Y180M-4/(B35)Y180M-4/(B35)Y180M-4/(B35)Y180L-4/(B35)Y180M-4/(B35)Y200L-4/(B35)Y180L-4/(B35)Y180L-4/(B35)Y180L-4/(B35)Y225M-4/(B35)
Rotate SpeedR/MIN1440144014001400140014001400140014001400140014001440144014401440
10Gear PumpType NBZ3-G25F/CP1-25-P-10RNBZ3-G25F/CP1-25-P-10RNBZ3-G25F/CP1-25-P-10RNBZ3-G25F/CP1-25-P-10RNBZ3-G25F/CP1-25-P-10RNBZ4-G40F/CP1-40-P-10RNBZ4-G40F/CP1-40-P-10RNBZ4-G40F/CP1-40-P-10RNBZ4-G40F/CP1-40-P-10RNBZ4-G63F/CP1-63-P-10RNBZ4-G40F/CP1-40-P-10RNBZ4-G50F/CP1-50-P-10RNBZ4-G50F/CP1-50-P-10RNBZ4-G50F/CP1-50-P-10RNBZ4-G50F/CP1-50-P-10RNBZ5-G80F/CP2-80-P-10R
Norminal Flow Ml/r25252525254040404063406350636380
Norminal PressureMpa31.531.531.531.531.531.531.531.531.531.531.531.531.531.531.531.5
11Back-gauge motorTypeYS-7134YS-7134YS-7134YS-7134YS-7134YS-7134YS-7134YS-7134YS-7134YS-7134YS-7134YS-7134YS-7134YS-7134YS-7134YS-7134
Rotate SpeedR/min1400140014001400140014001400140014001400140014001400140014001400
12External DimensionsLength mm3700450030003800450065003100380045006800310039004600680039006800
13Power requirement 380V (-15%,+15%) 50Hz ,3PH
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