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HYDRAULIC Punching Machine

General Features

Hydraulic Punching machine Numerical control recommends automatic multi-function pipe, channel steel channel aluminum and other profile punching machines. Punching machines are familiar to all kinds of profiles such as pipe, angle iron, channel steel channel aluminum, stainless steel, For punching round holes, square holes, diamond holes, plum blossom holes, elliptical holes, etc. on profiles such as zinc-plated guardrails, the bosses of profile processing have been looking for an economical, applicable, durable punching equipment.

Standard Features:

  • A set of punch and die(round hole)
  • 2 independent hydraulic piston rods and foot-pedal allows two people operating at the same time
  • More efficient stroke-control functions of piston rod
  • Central lubricating system
  • Motor-driven rear stopper
  • Lighting devices for work
  • 5 independent work-positions


-The main purpose of hydraulic single-head punching machine:

 This machine is mainly used for sheet metal punching, and is suitable for shipbuilding, electric power, bridges, automobiles, lifting and transportation, metal structures, and various mechanical processing plants.

-Performance and characteristics of hydraulic single-head punching machine:

 This machine can punch the punching station according to the specifications listed in the basic parameters. If it is replaced with other accessories configured by the machine, it can also be used for special-shaped punching, bending sheet 90°, V-notch cutting, etc. . Install other molds, you can also perform bending, pipe die cutting, shutter punching, punching large holes, channel steel, I-beam, web punching, etc.

-The hydraulic single-head punching machine adopts hydraulic transmission, the whole machine structure is reasonable, has the advantages of light weight, low noise, lightness and reliability, and overload performance. It is a modern machinery manufacturing industry such as: metallurgy, bridges, communications, power, construction, steel Ideal equipment for industries such as structure and machining.


The Bright Light to Keep your working enviroment to be more clear and reduce dangerous 

Measurement to punch the hole in more accurate size

Punching Station

Punching Die size can be customized , You can tell us your Request , and we will make design and offer you

Bending station

Folding Length 100mm

Tooling to fold steel sheet and flat bar up to 100mm. Punch 88º. Die with 56mm and 26mm V's.


The large punch bed area has a removable front block and is designed to give a very wide range of punching applications. A punch table with rules and guides for repetition work are fitted as the standard machine.

hydraulic single-head punching machine

Factory 100% Real Scene

Optional Toolings

Technical Parameters

                                                                 Hydraulic Punching Machine

2Material StrengthN/mm²450450450450450450
3Max. Length of Cylinder Strokermm808080100110200
4Stroker Frenqucytimes/min10~208~1010~186~166~166~16
5Punching Thicknessmm162025303640
6Max. Punching Diametermm253035384045
7Depth Throatmm300400480600535600
8Motor PowerKW5.57.5111518.518.5
9Overall Dimensionmm1400*700*17001800*960*20001800*960*20002000*1050*24502200*1050*24502600*1400*2500
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