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Vertical V Groover Machine

General Features

The Durmapress V-Groove machine was built to open a new realm of possibilities. This machine will enable you to form sharp corners on mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel like nothing else on the market. With the ability to machine up to 2/3 of the thickness of the metal that is 11-gauge (3 mm) to 22-gauge (6 mm) at lengths of 10’ 6” (3.2 m) to 32’ (10 m), this machine is versatile with a specific and perfected purpose. Our back gauges come in both 48” (1.25 m) to 60” (1.5 m) due to the varying thicknesses and lengths available. The Durmapress  V-Groove machine was designed with detailed perfection and return customer satisfaction in mind.

Why Choose Durmapress

The horizontal part is machined with a rabett cutter 1/16" deep or deeper depending on the cove radius. This production method, even though more time consuming, will eliminate the hole in the corner altogether as well as the 45 degree bottom back bevel in the case of an open side view.

  1. The vertical slotting machine adopts the precision ball screw as the power transmission component and has the characteristics of high processing precision, which is especially important for high performance products.

  2. The machine has three-axis, X-axis (longitudinal moving of the tool tip), Y-axis (up and down), Z-axis (vertical moving of the tool tip) servo motor control, realizes full-automatic operation after parameter input, and comprehensively improves the planer Precision.

  3. The pressing system uses the hydraulic system as the power, the pressure is large, and the fastening force is reliable. At the same time, low noise and low energy consumption.

  4. The rear moving part is driven by double ball screw, and the positioning accuracy of the board surface is high.

  5. The tool holder slide is made of cast iron material, which is wear-resistant and repairable, and the service life is guaranteed for more than ten years. 


Standard equipment:

  • CNC system -Taiwan Hydraulic system - Taiwan
  • Frequenc·y converter - Mitsubishi Servo motor - Mitsubishi
  • Seal ring - VALQUA,Japan Motor - SEW
  • Air switch - Schneider Contactor - Schneider
  • Breaker and button - Schneider Relay - Schneider
  • Blades - KORLOY,Korea
  • Linear guide - HINWIN, Taiwan Wire - IGUS, Germany
  • CE certified machine

Optional features:

  • Blade with different material for cutting mild steel, brass, aluminum etc.

Main Components

Taiwan Hust Controller

  • Shorten training time
  • Avoid collision
  • In any axial direction can be installed with grating ruler
  • Responsive time for acceleration / deceleration : 0.5US
  • High-speed positioning of main shaft
  • With retraction function
  • Intelective fault alarm and troubles shooting function
  • PLC interrupt function : fixed scan time 10ms
  • All axes open-loop control with feedback function
  • The servo motor torque can be read and displayed
  • The acceleration and deceleration control curve is
  • superior to other numberical control .
  • With DC power input module
  • With SSR external unput singal plate
  • Easy wiring , low wiring cost

4 Pieces Blade

  • Three hundred whitesteel knives simultaneously cutting

Taiwan HIWIN Linear

  • Taiwan HIWIN Linear Guide rail &
  • Ball Screw

Light Protection

Front Photoelectric safety protection

Product Introduction Video

CNC V Groove Machine Working Video

  • V-Grooving, a method used to provide added aesthetic to a wide variety of applications, creates decorative patterns on the surface of products such as glass panels, picture frames, and wall cladding.

    Primarily used to facilitate the bending or folding of various materials, V-Groove machining creates a V-shaped cut or channel along the surface of a material. This cut along the fold line acts as a hinge, allowing the product to achieve 90-degree bends with relatively small bending radii.

    V-Grooving is often employed in many applications where traditional bending methods such as forced bending, free bending, and three-point bending are impractical.


Technical Data

NoContentRequired Parameter
2Plate thickness0.4-6mm0.4-6mm0.4-6mm0.4-6mm
3Plate length X Width1250x3200mm1250x4000mm1500x3200mm1500x4000mm
4Grooving speed 5M-70M/min 5M-70M/min 5M-70M/min5M-70M/min
5Feeding speed0.5-20M/min0.5-20M/min0.5-20M/min0.5-20M/min
6Min-setting unit in X -axis0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
7Positioning precision in X-axis±o.o5mm±o.o5mm±o.o5mm±o.o5mm
8Min-setting unit in Y -axis0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
9Positioning precision in Y-axis±o.o5mm±o.o5mm±o.o5mm±o.o5mm
10Min-setting unit in Z-axis0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
11Positioning precision in Z-axis±o.o3mm±o.o3mm±o.o3mm±o.o3mm
12X-axis motor power1.5KW1.5KW1.5KW1.5KW
13Y-axis motor power3KW3KW3KW3KW
14Z-axis motor power0.4KW0.4KW0.4KW0.4KW
15Workbench planeness±o.o2mm±o.o2mm±o.o2mm±o.o2mm
16Feeding WayBack feedingBack feedingBack feedingBack feeding
17Workbench is replaceable or notReplaceable ReplaceableReplaceable Replaceable
18Workbench is quenched or notYesYesYesYes
19Number of cutter3 PCS3 PCS3 PCS3 PCS
20Max.Depth for one-time Grooving1.0mm1.0mm1.0mm1.0mm
21Max. Grooving Depth3.0mm3.0mm3.0mm3.0mm
22Cooling sprayerHaveHaveHaveHave
23Outline Diemension5000*2500*2100mm5800*2500*2100mm5000*2750*2100mm5800*2750*2100mm
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