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What are the technical advantages of 10000W laser welding machine in automobile intelligent manufacturing

Modern automobile not only requires practical performance, but also needs economic and beautiful appearance.

The traditional welding method has low efficiency, low flexibility, and low accuracy, which is difficult to meet the needs of refined welding and low-cost processing

of automobile intelligent manufacturing. Now 10000W laser welding machine technology with the help of high energy density laser beam,

as a heat source, belongs to a welding method with high accuracy and high efficiency, in the application of automotive manufacturing advantages, more and more popular.

Advantage one, reduce processing cost

Automotive welding is a variety of pre-made structural parts, through welding or riveting combination assembly,

modern laser welding technology can effectively reduce the number of solder joints, optimize the amount of material, reduce the weight of parts, reduce the cost and so on.

Advantage two, improve production efficiency

Laser welding machine can realize computer or digital control, precise positioning, fast welding speed,

welding speed can reach tens of meters per minute, help directly shorten the processing and manufacturing cycle, improve production efficiency;

Advantages three, high welding quality, reduce unnecessary decoration

The laser beam can realize the welding of a very small range of parts, after welding, the body sheet metal material is integrated,

the surface is smooth and tidy, the overall texture, without additional decorative strips to block.

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