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1000W-20000W(optional) Fiber laser cutting machine

Longmen double drive structure, high speed movement, stable and reliable, the whole machine

body base processing, machine rigidity is good, high precision  1000W-20000W(optional) Fiber laser cutting machine

Imported planetary reducer, equipped with Japanese servo motor, using imported high precision

rack and pinion transmission, high precision, faster speed 1000W-20000W(optional) Fiber laser cutting machine

The whole aluminum alloy beam structure gives consideration to the advantages of rigidity and light weight,

fast response and good dynamic performance

First-class quality fiber laser, years of industrial application, long life, maintenance-free, stable and reliable,

mechanical and electrical design, selected famous brand electrical accessories.

The electrical parts of the machine are imported from Schneider of France and Omron of Japan, and adopt imported high-precision guide rails to ensure the accuracy of the machine and to bear large loads

High precision laser cutting head, imported optical lens, with protective piece, easy to focus, improve the cutting effect;

CNC system adopts FSCUT2000 laser cutting system, with the latest generation of CypCut laser cutting parts,

support DXF /PLT/AI/DST Such as a variety of formats input, with powerful graphics drawing and editing functions,

cutting process data preservation call function with breakpoint memory, power cut,

processing time prediction and other functions, to ensure that in the case of accidental power or the next day to continue processing,

simple and easy to learn.

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