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Do you know how the flexible production of 1000W laser cutting machine is accomplished?

Let's start from the superficial sense, flexible means to be flexible in the production process, flexible production means to

be able to complete different production tasks in the production, make rapid adjustment to market demand, and realize the diversified use of resources.

1000W laser cutting machine is an important equipment of flexible production, the flexibility of laser cutting machine processing refers to the variable processing combination:

Laser beam using direct and guided two methods, laser can rotate, tilt, up and down about the movement,

can process the vertical plane of the workpiece and other complex workpiece surface; And direct drive without space,

high precision. Using machines to move or rotate the parts under the beam in a multi-axis way can process some parts that are difficult to be processed by traditional methods.

The laser head can move freely up and down, and the workpiece can be kept fixed during processing.

It can still realize the processing of complex workpiece, and as long as the mobile rotary table is used,

it can process parts larger than the shaft stroke. The laser beam is controlled by automatic focusing.

The linear axis of the laser system can be positioned along the optical axis or any axis to keep the beam focused;

The focus position is predictable and the trip is controllable.

Therefore, the use of metal laser cutting machine, can achieve the processing of sheet metal parts,

whether sheet metal parts more complex, as long as you can draw the graph in the computer,

can achieve processing production.

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