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What are the temperature requirements of 1000W laser cutting machine?  

We all know that no matter what the normal use of things need certain environmental conditions. 1000W Laser cutting machine as a machine tool equipment, to normal operation is a certain temperature conditions.  

Generally speaking, the key component of CNC machinery is CNC system, its working environment is generally between 5 degrees to 70 degrees, in this temperature range,

high temperature than low temperature on the laser cutting machine, the temperature is too low, easy to cause gas pipe and cable fracture, leakage and contact failure!  

And for the laser cutting machine drive, the impact of temperature is not big, because the laser cutting machine rarely use liquid lubricating oil, so it will not produce freezing,

we do not have to worry about the temperature.  But anyway, if there are conditions or to ensure that the workshop temperature above 0 degrees is better,

should not be too low, because long-term low temperature state of work, easy to cause mechanical wear too large, premature aging!  

But also want to note that when using the laser cutting machine temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant,

because will affect the control of CNC system, causing crashes, the problem such as slow response, therefore,

want to let the laser cutting machine to play out the normal cutting result and cutting quality, maintain the proper temperature is very important,

that will also extend the service life of laser cutting machine.  Therefore, operators must pay more attention to this aspect. 

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