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12000W laser cutting machine price common mistakes

There are often users call to ask the price of 12000W laser cutting machine, reported the price is not below, in fact,

how much money 12000W laser cutting machine price by the function of the machine, power and processing of the format and other factors.

There was a foreign expert on China's laser equipment to praise, that China's laser cutting machine enterprises more and more is a sign of progress in the laser industry.

12000W laser cutting machine common price error:

1, manufacturers in order to attract customers, deliberately low prices, and so on to buy found inconsistent with the actual situation,

so we should pay attention to find big manufacturers reliable.

2, the price of the equipment is too low, it looks very good, the quality can meet the standard, buy back later maintenance trouble, affect the use, so let the quality speak.

3, sometimes think that the pursuit of too high price is not right, according to their own situation to consider, otherwise some businesses will sit the starting price.

4, a very important point of after-sales, to ensure the late after-sales, no after-sales, the risk is big, their own interests are hurt is not cost-effective.

To look for a after-sales team, rest assured that there is protection.

In the purchase of 12000W fiber laser cutting machine, in the face of the mixed laser market, really a little "flower into charming eye" feeling, especially in the current in China, a lot of laser cutting machine enterprises to the price as a competitive factor. It's getting confusing.

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