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125T4000 bending machine performance and characteristics

One, 125T4000 bending machine performance and characteristics

1. Steel plate welding structure, vibration eliminate stress, hydraulic transmission to ensure that the

work will not be due to sheet thickness change, in addition, the machine has stable work, convenient operation, low noise, safety and stability.

2. The oil cylinder is equipped with mechanical block to ensure the consistency of bending Angle during mass production.

3. The overall frame adopts sand-blasting method for rust removal, and is sprayed with anti-rust paint.

Two, 125T4000 bending machine work slider

1. The machine adopts hydraulic and electric combined control, the stroke of the slider can be adjusted arbitrarily,

and has the action specifications of point, semi-automatic, automatic and so on,

using the point specification can be convenient for mold testing and adjustment.

2. Up-moving bending machine design, torsion shaft to make two cylinders work at the same time,

he operation is balanced, convenient and safe.

3. The function of maintaining calendring at the bottom dead point ensures the rebound of the workpiece after bending, thus ensuring the bending accuracy.

4. With the function of slow descent control, the operator can control the workpiece well.

3. Related configuration

1. Hydraulic system can realize sliding block fast descent, slow descent, working speed bending, fast return and up, down in the process of sliding block emergency stop action.

2. The oil pump adopts axial piston pump, which can bear high pressure and low noise.

3. Imported oil seal is selected for sealing ring, with good sealing performance, stable operation and long service life.

4. The adjustment of rear stopper is driven by servo motor, which is driven by imported ball screw after deceleration by gear, using linear guide rail.

5. Users can choose German EMB joint, German HEIDENHAIN grating ruler, electrical parts of schneider, Siemens, Omron and other electrical components.

6. The mold adopts 42CrMo, which has high strength, high toughness and good wear resistance, so that the life of the mold is greatly extended.

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