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160 tons 4 meters hydraulic bending machine (160T/4000) operation method

 1. First turn on the power supply of 160 tons 4 meters hydraulic bending machine (160T/4000), turn on the button switch on the control panel,

and then press the oil pump to start, so that you can hear the rotating sound of the oil pump. (The machine does not move at this time)

2, stroke adjustment, 160 tons 4 meters hydraulic bending machine (160T/4000) must pay attention to adjust the stroke, bending must be tested.

At the bottom of the bending machine mold, there must be a gap of plate thickness. Otherwise, the mold and the machine will be damaged.

Stroke adjustment also includes electric fast and manual fine tuning.

3, bending incision selection, generally choose 8 times the width of the plate thickness of the incision.

For example, if a sheet metal of 4mm is bent, a notch of about 32 should be selected.

4, the adjustment of the rear baffle generally has electric fast and manual fine tuning, the method is the same as the shearing machine.

 5, press the foot switch to start bending. Bending machine is different from shearing machine.

It can be published at any time. When the foot is released, the 160 t 4 m hydraulic bending machine (160T/4000) stops and continues to descend.

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