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1kw fiber laser cutting machine long time full load is good

Fiber laser welding machine is the most expensive equipment, so many customers tend to choose smaller models to reduce costs.

There's nothing wrong with that in terms of procurement costs. But if the product you're welding is thick, it needs to be produced continuously for a long time.

Small power models are difficult to meet the corresponding welding requirements of the product.

At this time, customers often use full power operation of 1kw fiber laser cutting machine to complete welding processing,

so it is good for laser equipment? In fact, this is very bad.

A, the main parts of the laser power supply: full power use like the car run 120 yards for a long time,

easy to lead to the aging of the laser power supply (mainly to provide power source),

and related electronic and optical components of the aging, shorten the service life of components.

Two, the main components of laser xenon lamp and crystal: the consumption rate of consumables increases,

such as a xenon lamp normal light 1 million times, long time full load operation will be reduced to hundreds of thousands of times or so,

the influence of temperature rise and coating surface damage in long time full load operation of the lens, but also easy to lead to pollution and rupture.

Three, the main components of the laser chiller: the chiller in the start and stop of high frequency operation,

the compressor and the main components of its internal very large, shorten the service life of the chiller.

Therefore, we suggest that customers choose fiber laser welding machines, first consider the material,

thickness and other factors to weld products, and then choose the model suitable for power.

This can not only achieve the best welding effect, but also increase the service life of the equipment.

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