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Types and principles of cooling system in 1kw fiber laser cutting machine

Cooling system is one of the important parts of 1kw fiber laser cutting machine if the cooling system failure, small will cause the equipment to stop operation,

serious may even appear exploding crystal rod and so on. The type and principle of the cooling system in the laser welding machine so the importance of the cooling system for the laser welding machine can be seen. At present, the cooling system of laser welding machine mainly includes water cooling, air cooling and water cooling air cooling integration system. Water cooling is widely used.

The types and principles of the cooling system in the laser welding machine are:

1, laser welding machine chiller generally has a filter, can effectively filter out the obvious particle impurities in the water,

keep the laser pump chamber clean and prevent the possibility of water plugging.

2. The chiller uses pure water or deionized water, which is more conducive to pumping the

light source directly into the laser material, and can produce a better laser mode.

3, the laser welding machine chiller is generally equipped with water pressure gauge,

can know at a glance how the water pressure in the laser water.

4, cold water machine adopts imported compressor, water tank and water pump is stainless steel material, heat transfer coil is also use stainless steel materials,

so can guarantee the stability of the cold water machine work, refrigeration effect is very good,

can achieve accuracy within 1 ℃ temperature, the smaller the control of temperature,

laser is affected by temperature is small, however, we suggest that the temperature is set to 1 degrees or so as well.

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