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Main performance characteristics of 200 tons hydraulic bending machine

1, the frame adopts the whole steel welding structure, through normalizing and high-frequency vibration to eliminate the internal stress, to ensure the overall accuracy of the machine tool, with excellent stiffness, excellent anti-distortion, anti-tilt ability. Thickened work plate, thickened slider, so that the machine has a high rigidity, so when bending slider, table deformation is very small, the workpiece has excellent straightness and Angle consistency 200 tons hydraulic bending machine.

2. Refer to German DIN55222T2-80 standard design.

3, 200 tons hydraulic bending machine hydraulic system adopts integrated control system, reduce pipeline installation, the use of imported sealing ring, improve the stability of the machine tool, beautiful and simple appearance.

4, the main cylinder of the machine tool piston adopts aerospace technology - surface nickel phosphorus treatment, its hardness can reach HRC60 or more, and the piston relative movement of the guide sleeve has its own lubrication zinc base wear-resisting alloy, can make the cylinder in a good working state for a long time.

5, 200 tons hydraulic bending machine adopts torsional shaft synchronization, mechanical block, reliable, economic, high precision.

6. The distance of rear stopper and the stroke of upper slide block are automatically adjusted by NUMERICAL control system, and can also be manually adjusted for convenient operation.

7, the upper die is equipped with winding compensation mechanism.

200 tons hydraulic bending machine control system configuration introduction:

1: the use of double cylinder control slider up and down movement;

2: mechanical torque synchronization;

3: equipped with domestic display device;

4: With Chint or Siemens low voltage appliances;

5: equipped with domestic famous hydraulic integrated system;

6: with rotary encoder feedback counting;

7: with imported sealing ring;

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